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Kolkata FF Fatafat Lottery 2023: Check winners list and other details for May 19

The Kolkata Fatafat Game is played exclusively in Kolkata, therefore in order to participate, you must be physically present in the city. The game is run by the city of Kolkata FF.

Pritinanda Behera




New Delhi: A lottery is a sort of gaming in which the numbers that win are drawn at random. The lottery called the Kolkata FF Fatafat Result is presently quite popular in Kolkata. The lottery game is based on guesses. If you accurately estimate the numbers, you can win a large quantity of money. Participants in the Kolkata Fatafat Game must be in Kolkata because it is possible to participate there. In the past, games like Kolkata FF Fatafat have called for someone to stake assets or cash, because there is an element of luck or uncertainty, and the aim is to win. You may play this game eight times every day from Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, it is shown four times.

Satta King

Because the Kolkata Fatafat Game can only be played in Kolkata, you have to be present in person in the town in order to take part. Kolkata FF is in charge of the game.

Betting or gambling something valuable on the result of a contest while having conscious of the hazard and wanting to benefit. Satta Matka is a popular lottery game example. This game is played by any individual who wants to make money rapidly.


The list below contains the outcome timing for each round (Bazi), from morning to evening:

First Bazi at 10:03

Second Bazi at 11:33

Third Bazi at 1:00

Fourth Bazi at 02:33

Fifth Bazi at 04:03

Sixth Bazi at 05:33 pm

Seventh Bazi at 07:03 pm

Eight Bazi at 08:33 pm