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Permanent Makeup Course: Boost Your Income With Interesting Beauty Services

Semi-Permanent Makeup services have excited women nationwide & have opened up a new lease of income for all beauty enthusiasts.

New Delhi: Does the idea of blasting your income through rare Beauty Skills excite you? Then you should definitely give yourself a glorious chance by taking up just a 2 day long Permanent Makeup Course. Semi-Permanent Makeup services have excited women nationwide & have opened up a new lease of income for all beauty enthusiasts.

Due to the premium prices these new services command, It has attracted people from all kinds of backgrounds from cosmetology, dentistry, Salon industry, Makeup Artists to even young students & homemakers with amazing career potential. It has been very popular in the USA & Europe for the last 20yrs but has gained traction in India only in the last 5 years.

The Brow Masters™ is one of the leading Permanent Makeup studio & academy based in Mumbai, (having representation in London, Amsterdam in Europe, Boston in USA & Canberra in Australia ) that is popular for its uber natural looking results & has graduated 100+ aspiring PMU artists across the globe. Ashmi Singhai – Founder & leading trainer is India’s youngest Diamond-level certified PMU Trainer by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM).

This is claimed to be one of the highest global recognitions for PMU Trainers. Course duration starts from 2-day short courses convenient mostly for busy professionals upto 5 – 7 days courses for one to deep dive before launching their own services. Let’s Talk About Your Earning Potential

Did you notice, you can recover your entire training cost with just 10 – 15 clients in 1 to 2 months?



Microblading of Eyebrows is one of the most in-demand and trending.

Indian women are obsessed with symmetric eyebrows created in right shape, which is very hard to achieve with threading, especially if you don’t have enough natural growth. With ageing from the late 30s, most women suffer from thinning & droopiness of brows. Permanent makeup frees you from all such concerns, helps you flaunt perfectly shaped eyebrows customised for your face shape and much natural-looking results Learn it in conjunction with more appropriate techniques like ombre & combination brows is recommended.

Microblading Masterclass not only teaches you techniques for perfecting your skills, but it does include comprehensive coverage on building a profitable business & managing client.


It’s no secret that lipstick is the most commonly used cosmetic product. The reason is simple, women go for bright, beautiful, perfectly defined lips. The Lip Blush & Dark Lip Correction Procedure is a boon for women.At The BrowMasters™ Studio, lips are in as high demand as brows.

As you can see from the reviews, their customers are very happy with their results. This has great potential but requires a lot of training, knowledge, and patience.


WHY CHOOSE BrowMasters?

– Ashmi Singhai, currently Diamond Certified Trainer, was also the first Indian PMU artist to be a Gold Certified Board Member at the AAM. She is amongst the most sought-after artists in India who has worked with many celebrities & is usually booked out for 3 months in advance.

She herself is 16 times certified by some of the best international academies on several different PMU Courses & has trained 100+ Permanent Makeup Artists from varied Industries.

– Truly world-class curriculum which is the compilation of Ashmi’s best learning over her own 16 international personal trainings & as per guidelines of AAM. Hence BrowMaster’s courses are amongst the most comprehensive courses available in the Asian subcontinent, covering all aspects of permanent makeup training so that you can be absolutely confident in pursuing a lucrative career in the very satisfying and rewarding PMU industry.

– Course is backed by the practical experience gathered during serving 5000 + clients including many celebrities, foreign nationals & eminent personalities receiving the highest number of client satisfaction reviews & recommendations (500++) on Google in India.

– Post Training Support

BrowMaster™ core philosophy is that student’s success is their Success. With below support, you can be super confident to move ahead in PMU career.

– Support group for any real-time queries resolution- Additional Demo clients to get more practical experience

– “WORK WITH US” program in which you can work on Live clients.

– “PARTNER WITH US” program in which you can explore Franchisee opportunities


– Business set-up courses like Digital Marketing (website development, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook/Insta ads promotions etc, Sales process set up, Core fundamentals of sales & marketing) at optional cost

– Important notes & guidance to clear American Academy of Micropigmentation

– Latest developments & trends in the PMU industry globally through Ashmi’s continued mentorship backed by AAM webinars / Educational Content so you will always Be ahead of the competition