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Satta King, September 27, 2023: Winning Numbers for Kashmir, Madhuri, Super Gali & more




Satta King

New Delhi: If financial trouble is bothering you and pushing you to extremes without any greener pastures in sight, Satta King or Satta Matka could be your bet for ‘good times’. Though, the game resembles old-style gambling and its operations remain under purview of law agencies, it has been quite popular among the youth and is also adding new subscribers on regular basis.

As the name suggests, this calls for bets/wagers from subscribers who then keep an eye on it for the results announcement. As the Satta King of different zones announces results at different times, one has to be keep track of this.

Participating in Satta King game is simple. One has to pick any set of ‘lucky numbers’ from 0 to 99 and then place their bets. If your luck stands by your side, you could turn hero of the day. Winners of Satta Matka game can earn in thousands & lakhs in a day, depending on the scale of their investment. Also, there is a bumper prize which gives a whopping Rs 1 crore to the winning gambler.

Satta King Winning Numbers for September 27

There are multiple zones particular in North & Western India, which operate this game. Among the most popular zones of Satta Game are Old Delhi Bazar, Disawer, Kalyan Bazar, Ghaziabad, Gali & more.

Here, we bring you the results of 3 zones — Kashmir, Madhuri, Super Gali.

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One can opt to put his money in the betting game by both digital & physical means. Digital investment comes easy as it happens in just seconds while the offline mode requires you to visit Satta operating stores in the vicinity.

For youngsters mainly, there is a piece of advice. You must do due deliberation before placing big bets in the game as this may turn to be self-destructive game.

Disclaimer: Satta King is gambling game played by hundreds of lottery enthusiasts. Above article encapsulates the users interest & their participation in game and hence must not be considered as a facilitator in the betting game. The article merely provides information about the game & its prospects based on facts available in public domain. This game is full of risks & hence user discretion is required.