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What is staking in crypto? New way to earn from your crypto holding without selling it

As many people are finding the answer, we decided to explain staking in crypto. 





New Delhi: The prices for many famous cryptocurrencies on Sunday did not jump. The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was trading at $46,387.56 after a loss of 0.1% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, tanked 0.3% in the past 24 hours to trade at $3497.58.

The global cryptocurrency market reached $2.27 trillion in the last 24 hours. For those who are interested in Bitcoin, Bitcoin dominance was recorded at 38.9% while Ethereum dominance is at 18.5%.


However, many on Google are today searching for an answer to the question, what is staking in crypto? As many people are finding the answer, we decided to explain staking in crypto.

What is staking in crypto?

Staking in crypto is almost similar to earning interest on deposits with traditional banks. If you do staking, you deposit your crypto holding for a fixed period of time and receive interest. It is considered to be the best way to earn through your cryptocurrency as you do not have to sell your crypto holdings.

In the traditional deposit system, banks pay interest on your money because they use your funds for things like loans and other investments.

In staking, your crypto holding is used to verify transactions on the blockchain. Every verified transaction makes new blocks on the blockchain. The participants of staking get a reward in exchange. Besides the interest, if the price of your cryptocurrency goes up,

Pros of staking crypto

-Faster, cheaper transactions

-Potential voting rights

-Earn, cheaper transactions

Cons of staking crypto 

-May be locked into a fixed term

-May incur fees

-May be locked into a fixed term

As we told you about crypto staking, we also decided to bring you the best crypto staking platforms in 2022: