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Kerala Lottery result March 20, 2023: Check official result for Win Win W 711here

Kerala Lotteries official results can be found at or

Pritinanda Behera




New Delhi: The land of the gods is also the land of festivals. That is why the government prioritizes the holiday season. There were special lotteries as well as bumper lotteries.

The Kerala Lottery Result Today prize distribution is as follows: 1st Prize: 75,00,000/-, Consolation Prize: 8,000/-, Second Prize: 5,00,000/- Third Prize: 1,000,000/- Fourth Prize: 5,000/- Fifth Prize: 2,000/-, Sixth Prize: 1,000/- The seventh prize is 500/-, and the eighth prize is 100/-. If the prize money is less than Rs.5000/-, lottery winners in Kerala today can claim their winnings at any lottery shop in Kerala.

If the amount is more than Rs.5000, they must surrender their tickets to a bank or government lottery office along with identification to make a claim. Kerala lottery tax is 30% of the total amount, with the agent’s commission being 10%.

How to View Kerala Lottery Results on the Internet

To download, print, and share Kerala Lotteries results, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Kerala Lotteries official results can be found at or

Step 2: In the navigation menu, click on the name of the lottery you want to check.

Step 3: A web page will now open, with a table containing the date and name of the draw results.

Step 4: From here, you can check the results of any lottery by clicking on the date or name of the lottery.

Step 5: This opens the page with the lottery results.

Step 6: Carefully examine the results.