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Aftab watched Dexter: 9 shows that have potential to poison young minds

It instimulated him to kill her 26-year-old living partner and cut her body parts into 35 pieces.

New Delhi: The name of the web series Dexter is doing rounds all over the internet since it came to know that Shraddha Walker’s killer Aftab Poonawalla watched this series before killing her. Reportedly, it instimulated him to kill her 26-year-old living partner and cut her body parts into 35 pieces. Notably, Dexter is an American crime drama television series available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

The series has an 8.7 rating out of 10 on IMDb and 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. The series is divided into 8 seasons and 96 episodes. The first season of the series was released on October 1, 2006.

Below here, we have curated a list of series that are like ‘Dexter’ and have enough potential to poison young minds of society.

1. Barry

IMDb rating – 8.4/10

Barry is an American dark comedy crime drama television series divided into 3 seasons and 8 episodes. It is available to watch on Disney+ Hotstar. The story of Barry shows the story of a man whose life is totally different from what people know and see.

2. Mr. Robot

IMDb rating – 8.6/10

Mr Robot is also an American drama thriller television series that is divided into 4 seasons. The season came online on June 24, 2015, on Amazon. The plot of the series revolves around an unstable young cyber-security engineer but brilliant enough to take down a corrupt corporation.

3. The Killing

IMDb rating – 8.3/10

The Killing can be watched on Netflix, released on August 1, 2014. The series involves two detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder in prime roles who investigate cases of homicide. The series has only 4 seasons and 44 episodes.

4. Prodigal Son

IMDb rating – 7.7/10

Prodigal Son is available to stream on Prime Video and Apple TV. The story of Prodigal Son revolves around a criminal psychologist who uses his mental abilities to help NYPD solve crimes. The series has two seasons divided into 33 episodes.

5. The Following

IMDb rating – 7.4/10

In the list of crime dramas, we have ‘The Following’, first released on January 21, 2013. It has 3 seasons divided into 45 episodes. The first season of the series starts with the story of an FBI agent who is trying to help recapture a serial killer.

6. The Fall

IMDb rating – 8.1/10

The Fall is crime a drama television series shot in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The story of the series revolves around two hunters — one is a serial killer and another one is a female detective to catch the culprit. The Netflix series has a total of 17 episodes.

7. Hannibal

IMDb rating – 8.5/10

One can watch the psychological horror-thriller on Amazon. The series has three seasons and 39 episodes. The series explores the early relationship between renowned psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter and a young FBI criminal profiler who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers, according to IMDb.

8. The Mentalist

IMDb rating – 8.1/10

The American series, The Mentalist is available on Amazon. The series has 151 episodes and 7 seasons. The Mentalist’s story revolves around an independent consultant for the CBI.

9. Top of the Lake

IMDb rating – 7.4/10

The story of Top of the Lake is based on a 12-year-old girl who goes missing. The two seasons of the series have now been released.