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Bigg Boss 16: Khan siblings hug & cry inside house, Farah’s visit excites inmates.. WATCH

Shifa Dutt




New Delhi: Temper always runs high in the Bigg Boss house with fights and controversies. But, also with relationships that go far beyond the four walls of the house. This week as family members of the housemates come to see them, Farah Khan came in to see her brother Sajid Khan. Telling him how proud everyone is of him outside, she cried and hugged him.

This reunion also brought all the housemates together as they feel for each other’s families and their separation from them. She entered while everybody was on statue mode as part of the task, and hugged and cried holding her brother. She told him how much she missed him and how proud their mother is of how he has conducted himself inside the house.

Meeting MC Stan and Abdu Rozik she emotionally mentions how before the show she had one brother and now she has three. Calling Sajid lucky to have found his “mandali” she met with others talking of the reaction outside to their individual performances. She hugged Priyanka Chahar and called her the “Deepika Padukone of the Bigg Boss house”.


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The video of this reunion was posted on Instagram by Colors captioning “Sajid se milne aayi ghar mein Farah Khan”. Despite being surrounded by controversies, Sajid Khan continues to get constant support from his loved ones and fans. His family as Farah mentioned is proud of him and misses him. Giving him the necessary motivation to survive his weeks left in the Bigg Boss house.