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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Grand Finale: Azeem or Shivin? This contestant will win the show





New Delhi: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 is just a few days away from its grand finale. Only 5 contestants are left in the house of Bigg Boss Tamil after Kathirravan walked out with 3 Lakh in a suitcase after Bigg Boss played the cash eviction round this year.

Now, in the grand finale, one out of these 5 contestants will be chosen as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 6. The show is running with the top rating on Vijay TV.

The five finalists are:

1. Amudhavanan (comedian)
2. Shivin Ganeshan (transgender model)
3. Vikraman R (Politician)
4. Mohammed Azeem (Actor)
5. Myya Nandhini (Actress)

Host Kamal Hassan treated the finalists to a grand feast.

According to predictions, small-screen star Azeem, Shivin Ganeshan, and Vikraman R are top contenders for the title.

Fans are saying that Vikraman R, who is a politician might use his PR power to win the Bigg Boss.

Shivin, a model, has garnered support from the audience because of her struggle as a transgender person.


Then, there is Azeem, who is known for disrespecting other contestants and getting as foul as he can. He is also predicted to win the show.