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Kaira is a self-assured and ambitious aspiring cinematographer who struggles to navigate life smoothly.

New Delhi: Everyone enjoys watching movies. We develop feelings towards certain characters. We come to despise those around us. We can love and detest the same person at the same time. What, on the other hand, makes us identify with a character? What do they do when the test of time arrives?

The solution, I believe, is in their story, in their character journey. We create strong emotions for the characters when we watch the drastic change flowing out of their eyes, a transformation from their old undeveloped self. These coming-of-age stories have given us some truly remarkable characters and films, such as the ones below. If you haven’t already, you should watch these films.

1. Wake Up Sid: Siddharth Mehra is a ‘typical’ Mumbai affluent and privileged brat who has no idea what he wants to do with his life after college. He has a knack for photography and is financially reliant on his father’s fortune. At his college’s farewell party, he joins Aisha Bannerjee, a promising and ambitious writer. He assists Aisha in becoming more acquainted with the city and settling into her new residence. Sid temporarily goes out of his house to live with Aisha after a confrontation with his father. After a few days, though, Aisha finds his laid-back personality and lack of seriousness in life to be bothersome. For his laid-back attitude, she even refers to him as a “child.” Is Sid ever going to wake up and start taking life seriously?

2. Queen: Rani is a Delhi-based Punjabi girl who is naïve, sensitive, and innocent. Her fiancé, Vijay, deserts her just a day before their wedding. She is so distraught that she decides to go on her honeymoon alone herself. Rani is alone for the first time in her life, and on a strange continent at that. Her journey is a captivating story of startling independence, powerful growth, and coming of age. On her honeymoon with herself, a conservative Rani discovers inner strength, self-confidence, and true bliss. The film debunks the age-old assumption that a woman’s life is incomplete without a man. She doesn’t, to be sure. She is wholesome regardless of whether or not she is accompanied by a male. You can see the trailer here.

3. Dear Zindagi: Kaira is a self-assured and ambitious aspiring cinematographer who struggles to navigate life smoothly. She is burdened by her strained relationships as well as the uncertainty of her work. She reluctantly moved to Goa to live with her family after her landlord evicted her from her apartment. Overwhelmed by restless nights, unresolved emotions, and general discontent with herself, she seeks the help of psychotherapist Dr. Jehangir Khan, who transforms her life in a lovely way. This film is based on our everyday experiences. It addresses ‘our problems’ and provides a viewpoint on them. Without a doubt, this is a must-see film. It’s even more so because it’s all on us!

4. Yeh Jawaani hai Diwani: On a climbing vacation, Naina, a scholar, and introvert meets Kabir, a free-spirited former classmate and backbencher, and his gang of pals. Kabir has a strong desire to travel. He enrolls in a course in Chicago to pursue his aspirations, abandoning his family and friends in the process. He is unable to maintain contact with them. Years later, when Kabir and Naina rejoin for the wedding of one of their friends, they rediscover old affections for each other. Would Kabir, in his quest to achieve his goals, forget about his family and friends once more?