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Files of the Unexplained OTT Release Date: Know about this crime mystery docuseries and get ready to watch it online

Files of the Unexplained OTT Release Date: Beginning on April 3, 2024, viewers will be able to watch Files of the Unexplained on Netflix.

New Delhi: One more captivating documentary series is on its way to the broad criminal genre that Netflix offers.

Files of the Unexplained, an investigative docuseries, will debut shortly on the streamer, and a fascinating teaser for the series was released not long ago. Unbelievable hauntings and strange encounters with little proof are the subject of this documentary series.


Files of the Unexplained is an investigative documentary series produced by Netflix that investigates occurrences that cannot be explained or that are puzzling. Additionally, it explores strange occurrences by using first-hand stories and interviews to shed light on the situation. From the widely held belief that aliens kidnap humans to the sighting of severed feet washing up on the coast, abrupt disappearances, and other paranormal occurrences.

The trailer introduces us to many specialists and eyewitnesses who explain the strange occurrences. This investigative docuseries delves into a wide range of topics, from a strange ship shrouded in alien conspiracy theories to the mystifying disappearances of individuals, all to uncover the truth.

With eight strange unsolved tales, historical material, and talking heads collaborating to investigate the veracity of wild claims, the trailer seems interesting.

When and Where to Watch?

Investigating strange occurrences that seem to defy explanation is the focus of the forthcoming documentary Files of the Unexplained.

Featuring eight such tales every episode, this investigative series on Netflix, produced by Vox, seeks to uncover the hidden truth and facts. Beginning on April 3, 2024, viewers will be able to watch Files of the Unexplained on Netflix.


From several drownings in Georgia to apparitions seen by plantation visitors, each episode delves into the unexplained experiences of people who were there. Severed feet washing up on the West Coast, an extraterrestrial abduction in Mississippi, and over 650 UFOs and lights investigated by the United States government are all covered in these episodes. Articles from the press, supporting documents, eyewitness accounts, and expert opinions put each occurrence in perspective.

The stories in this series take place in many locations across the United States, including Pascagoula, Mississippi; Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana; Lake Lanier, Georgia; Mount Shasta, California; various parts of Washington State; and the Salish Sea, British Columbia.