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Guntur Kaaram Twitter Review: Mahesh Babu’s action flick is highly entertaining; ‘one-man show’ says fan

Guntur Kaaram Twitter Review: In the Trivikram Srinivas film, Mahesh plays the lead role and excels. A few enjoyable blocks and the tune by Kurchi Madatha Petti go along well.

New Delhi: Today marks the big entrance of Guntur Kaaram, the latest film from superstar Mahesh Babu. The ground is large and clean. After 12 years of working together, the actor is reuniting with director and writer Trivikram Srinivas for a third film, and he couldn’t be more confident in the project.

The film marks the first cooperation between Mahesh Babu and Sreeleela and Meenakshi Chaudhary, who portray the female leads. Fans of this family action drama had high hopes after reading overwhelmingly good censor reports and insider reviews of Guntur Kaaram. On January 12, 2024, in celebration of Sankranti, Guntur Kaaram was made available to the public across the globe.


The film follows the king of Guntur city’s underworld as he develops feelings for a journalist who is hell-bent on exposing the crime syndicate. Central to the plot is the unlikely friendship that forms between Guntur Karam (Mahesh Babu) and a journalist (Sreeleela) who is hell-bent on bringing attention to the injustices in the city.

Their partnership lays the foundation for a unique story that deals with the complexities of moral ambiguity, love, and justice. Trivikram Srinivas is renowned for his skill in creating complex character dynamics and captivating dialogues, so viewers may anticipate an enthralling plot.


In the Trivikram Srinivas film, Mahesh plays the lead role and excels. A few enjoyable blocks and the tune by Kurchi Madatha Petti go along well. Despite some decent background music, the sound design is terrible.

The rest is a bit boring, and the heartfelt moments don’t matter since the central struggle is so ridiculous. A Mahesh Babu One Man show, yet in every other respect it falls short. Nonetheless, the film’s action and critically acclaimed performance have garnered a lot of appreciation from fans.

One fan wrote, “#GunturKaaramReview 1st half done, K-ramp 💥💥#MaheshBabu𓃵 slang, acting 🔥All disappointed as guruji story is routine ante #Trivikram #ThamanS Many spreading fake reviews don’t listen to it Blockbuster loading  #GunturKaaram.”

Another fan wrote, “All the reviews which are inclined to average – you’ll only see people bashing Trivi and Thaman but you’ll NEVER FIND A SINGLE TWEET WHICH IS AGAINST @urstrulyMahesh PERFORMANCE AN ACTOR FOR AGES, you’ve never seen this Babu before, JUST GO WATCH IT FOR BABU ❤️ #GunturKaaram.”

On another side, not being satisfied with the average story, one of the tweeter users posted, “prepare yourself for: Avg-below avg ratings/reviews from so called sites Unnecessary comparison with 20cr biz film in paid meme pages “as a fan disappointed” propaganda in Musugu accounts Above all, SSMB will still stand tall..believe in BABU🔥 #GunturKaaram @urstrulyMahesh.”

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