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Happy Birthday Shilpa Shetty: How Bollywood’s ‘bubbly girl’ keeps a fit & toned figure

She is known for her disciplined lifestyle and balanced approach to nutrition, which makes her a fitness idol.

New Delhi: The fitness enthusiast and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is celebrating her 48th birthday today. Shilpa Shetty has broken all the stereotypes and set a new trend of fit moms. The talented actress has not only maintained her physique but is also committed to taking health to new heights.  Every day she inspires people to take health a priority. She is known for her disciplined lifestyle and balanced approach to nutrition, which makes her a fitness idol. The actress popularized Yoga and made people to be yoga enthusiasts. As Shilpa celebrates her 48th birthday, let’s take a look at her fitness mantra


One of the secrets of her toned and flexible physique is yoga. Her fitness routine consists of yoga. From Surya Namaskar to Prasarita Padottanasana, she is a yoga enthusiast. It helps to incorporate the circulation of blood in the body and gives strength and increases flexibility to the body. The actress often posts videos and photos of her yoga on her Instagram.


Shilpa Shetty talked about her fitness regime and diet on Kareena Kapoor’s popular show, ‘What Women Want’. The actress shared, she was a basketball player during her school time and since then love for fitness imbibed in her. She keeps herself away from fatty and oily diets. Instead of fatty food, she finds alternative healthy recipes. She said people should see what they are eating, how much they are eating, and when they are eating.

Taking care of Mental  health

Actress  Shilpa Shetty emphasises in mental well-being, as it is a very crucial part of fitness. Meditating is the best thing you can do to take care of your mental health. 12 minutes of meditation every night are her fitness mantra for mental health. She further added people can consult professionals if they have mental health issues.


Apart from yoga, the actor also likes exercise and spends time in the gym. She does cardio and aerobic dance. she is a great exercise lover. She loves to do different types of exercises. She says dance is a very full-filled method to keep yourself fit and active throughout the day.