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Happy Kim Mu Yeol Day: As the star actor Kim Mu Yeol turns 42 today – here are some of his exciting dramas you must watch

Happy Kim Mu Yeol Day: Here are a few of the most popular Korean dramas that include Kim Mu Yeol, whose performance is absolutely jaw-dropping.

New Delhi: Today marks the 42nd birthday of South Korean actor Kim Mu Yeol, who was born on May 22, 1982. After a prosperous run in musical theatre, he found his footing in the film and TV industry with few roles.

He secured his first significant part in Jung Ji Woo’s highly praised film A Muse (2012), followed by a main role in the indie film All Bark No Bite, after receiving positive appraisals for his supporting performances in The Scam (2009) and War of the Arrows (2011).

The recent critically acclaimed film The Roundup: Punishment, in which the actor played the antagonist, has been a huge success.

Here are a few of the most popular Korean dramas that include Kim Mu Yeol, whose performance is absolutely jaw-dropping.

1. Sweet Home Season 2 (2023)

Living in fear of monsters, the residents of Green Home Apartments must battle their way out of their base and into the universe in this Sweet Home series sequel. A baseball stadium becomes a community hub for survivors from around the world. The hideous wants of the humans within them and the monsters outside pose a danger to them.

2. Juvenile Justice (2022)

The top judge Sim Eun Seok despises young criminals and has a fiery temperament. As she deviates from protocol and imposes her own punishments on the juvenile criminals assigned to her local juvenile court, she strives to reconcile her strong convictions in justice and punishment with her strong dislike of juvenile offenders.

3. Trolley (2022)

A lawmaker’s wife whose history she chooses to keep hidden is the protagonist of Trolley. It will highlight the difficulties and dilemmas that couples have when their secret is exposed to the public.

4. Grid (2022)

The Grid, Earth’s planetary defence barrier, has kept the world safe from devastating solar winds. Bureau investigator Jung Sae Byeok apprehends a serial killer after an employee is encountered by the murderer. As she follows the wanted criminal, she sees a ghostly reappearance of the Grid’s creator after twenty-four years. It’s an amazing phenomenon. An enigmatic reality about what rescued mankind from an impending doomsday is the focus of this suspenseful thriller.

5. Bad Guys: City of Evil (2017)

An ambitious prosecutor assembles a gang of criminals to bring down a corrupt organization via the use of harsh tactics.

6. My Beautiful Bride (2015)

A bank professional from a wealthy family, Kim Do Hyung has been seeing his girlfriend Yoon Joo Young for two years. Joo Young feels beset by his proposal and afraid that Do Hyung will discover her troubled history, which makes her dread his words of proposal more. Upon deciding to accept the marriage proposal, Joo Young vanishes without a trace. If it means getting his hands filthy, Do Hyung will do whatever to locate his lost fiancée.