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Here’s how Sonam Kapoor broke her pregnancy news to her hubby Anand Ahuja

She is likely to make a comeback with the crime thriller film Blind which will arrive on OTT.





New Delhi: Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja become parents to their baby boy on August 20. Since the announcement about their newborn son, congratulatory wishes have been pouring in. Recently, in an interview, the new mother Sonam Kapoor revealed how she broke the news of her pregnancy to her husband, Anand Ahuja.

Sonam on breaking her pregnancy news

Talking with Vogue, the actress revealed that she Zoom called Anand after finding out that she was pregnant. During that time, she suffered from Covid-19 and was quarantined in another room in their London apartment. Sonam stated, “I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day. Anand was in the other room of our London apartment since he had Covid and I basically Zoomed him and gave him the news. Then we called our parents and told them as well.”


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Sonam also shared how people get tense when women get pregnant after they turn 31 or 32. Besides, at that time, a lot of people in London were suffering from Covid-19 during the first trimester of her pregnancy. Sonam recalled the ‘tough’ time and said that she was down with fever. She also googled, “what happens if you have Covid-19 when you’re pregnant.”

She told Vogue, “We had all decided that I would be extra careful since a lot of people in London were getting Covid-19 around that time, but exactly a month later, I came down with a fever, cough and cold. I was terrified and immediately started googling ‘what happens if you have Covid when you’re pregnant?” It was tough. I was taking progesterone shots in my thighs and stomach—practically everywhere on my body — because I was of advanced maternal age and was constantly throwing up, sick and bedridden. Everyone’s so tense about women who get pregnant after 31 or 32. They tell you don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t get gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia. I was like, ‘wait, hang on, I still feel very young. I’ve got my dad’s genes, I look very young. It’ll be fine.”

Neetu Kapoor’s note on Sonam’s childbirth

Neetu Kapoor took to her Instagram to congratulate Sonam Kapoor on her parenthood with Anand Ahuja. She shared a heart-warming note which stated, “On 20.08.2022, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy with bowed heads and open hearts. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, friends and family who have supported us on this journey. It is only the beginning, but we know our lives have forever changed. Sonam and Anand.”

Sonam Kapoor’s work front

Sonam Kapoor has been on a break after the release of AK vs AK in which she played herself. Previously, she appeared in The Zoya Factor. She is likely to make a comeback with the crime thriller film Blind which will arrive on OTT.