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(K)ampon OTT Release Date: Start binging this Philippine horror crime drama starring Beauty Gonzalez now on THIS platform

(K)ampon OTT Release Date: And finally, beginning today, April 18, 2024, it is available to view on the OTT behemoth Netflix.

New Delhi: The horror feature, (K)ampon directed by King Palisoc and written by Dodo Dayao, was shown at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), which began on December 25, 2023. Derek Ramsey and Beauty Gonzalez are the main actors in the film.

A prologue sets the stage for our exploration of the macabre and the supernatural, as well as traditional healing, dying, and resuscitation procedures in rural Philippines. Next, we go to the city, where we meet the childless Clark and Eileen.

Because the term may signify more than one thing, the stylized title plays on that. In contrast to Ampon, who is an orphan, Kampon acts as a surrogate or disciple. The film’s interpretation of the title’s double meaning is shaped by the fact that Clark and Eileen do not have children, Eileen wants a family so much, and Clark has been told he is impotent.


Clark and Eileen, a childless couple who had been married for eight years, encounter a small girl called Jade who shows up at their door one day and claims to be Clark’s kid. Despite the unanticipated turn of events, the wife decides to take the kid and care for her temporarily while she figures out what to do next. Eileen starts to form a strange and unsettling bond with the youngster while Clark investigates the child’s past.

When and Where to Watch?

In December of 2023, the picture had its first theatrical premiere. And finally, beginning today, April 18, 2024, it is available to view on the OTT behemoth Netflix.

Cast and Crew

Originally submitted to the 2019 MMFF, (K)ampon starred Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsay and was produced by Quantum Films and directed by King Palisoc.

Nonetheless, the primary parts are ultimately filled by Beauty Gonzalez (Eileen), Derek Ramsay (Clark), and Erin Espiritu (Jade).


Some of the story’s numerous parts don’t mesh effectively, and the film’s production values fall short of expectations. However, as a whole, the film exudes an eerily compelling feeling of peril, creating terror by establishing that these folks’ worlds are fundamentally flawed.