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Kim Hee Seon Turns 47 Today: Celebrating the fan-favourite Korean star’s birthday, let’s quickly look at some of her top-rated dramas

Kim Hee Seon Turns 47 Today: She then went on to appear in other critically acclaimed films and series, such as “Faith” (2012), “Wonderful Days” (2014), and “Angry Mom” (2015), among many more.

New Delhi: The South Korean actress Kim Hee Seon has great popularity as the Hallyu star. In 1993, when she was a high school student, she made her television debut as the host of the hit musical variety show “SBS Inki Gayo.” She then went on to appear in other critically acclaimed films and series, such as “Faith” (2012), “Wonderful Days” (2014), and “Angry Mom” (2015), among many more.

She co-starred with Jackie Chan in the 2005 Chinese film “The Myth” and the epic 2011 feature “The Warring States,” riding a wave of fame in China.

Let’s take a look at some of the highly loved Korean dramas on her 47th birthday today – June 11, 2024.

1. Bitter Sweet Hell (2024)

Noh Young Won has the perfect life as a psychiatrist and is married to a famous surgeon. However, everything changes when she learns that her husband, Choi Jae Jin, has been unfaithful to a mystery lady named Lee Se Na. Lee Se Na’s abrupt presence sets in motion a chain reaction of unfortunate occurrences. Along with her mother-in-law, Hong Sa Gang, Young Won searches for answers to save her family from an impending disaster.

2. Tomorrow (2022)

Choi Joon Woong is having trouble finding work. When he sees a guy attempting suicide one night, he resolves to intervene. Koo Ryeon and Im Ryoong Gu, two members of a Grim Reaper crisis management team, come to him. Reducing the number of suicide attempts is their primary goal. The grim reapers choose Joon Woong as their newest member of the crisis management team after he becomes half-human and half-spirit when he ends up in a coma.

3. The Black Bride (2022)

The story shows the women who have the goal of marrying a desirable bachelor and ascending to the highest echelons of society by using the services of a prestigious match-matching agency.

4. Alice (2020)

In 2050, Alice sends Yoo Min Hyuk and Yoon Tae Yi to 1992 to retrieve the Book of Prophecy. During the mission, Tae Yi discovers she’s pregnant with Yoo Min Hyuk’s child. Choosing to raise the baby, she adopts the name Park Sun Young to conceal her identity from Yoo Min Hyuk. In 2020, her son Park Jin Gyeom becomes a successful detective and encounters Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor in this world, who bears a striking resemblance to his mother. They team up to find the Book of Prophecy and seek answers.

5. Woman of Dignity (2017)

Woo Ah Jin is beautiful, rich, powerful, and has the respect of her father-in-law, who is the CEO of a paper goods business. They hire Bok Ja, who looks a little sad but seems right for the job, to take care of her wheelchair-bound father-in-law. After winning over the CEO’s heart, Bok Ja quickly shows her true colours by taking over the family business. Now, his family is out for payback.

6. Angry Mom (2015)

Once the toughest troublemaker in her Busan high school, Jo Kang Ja drops out due to pregnancy. Now 34, she’s determined to be a responsible mother to her teenage daughter, Oh Ah Ran. When Ah Ran faces bullying at Myungsung High, Kang Ja, under the alias Jo Bang Wool, infiltrates the school to confront the issue. Alongside Ah Ran and idealistic teacher Park No Ah, Kang Ja exposes school corruption and fights against violence, unravelling deeper problems within the education system.