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Makeup artist of Kriti Sanon demonstrates how to get a monochrome look

With my all-time favourite Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, I gave Kriti lovely skin.

New Delhi: Celebrity makeup artist Kavye Sharma’s recent burgundy eyeshadow on Kriti Sanon is a lesson in monotone makeup. It emphasizes how a single eye color that matches your attire may appear basic on paper but look aggressive in person.

Kavye, who often collaborates with star Sara Ali Khan, says they wanted to create a style that was glossy but relaxed, and soft but bold. “This outfit is simple but effective. Eyeshadow can help you draw attention to your eyes. The trick to this look is to concentrate on one feature at a time. The rest must be well-balanced and complementing. Either strong eyes or bold lips are the way to go. “For Kriti’s eyes, I went with burgundy,” Kavye explains.

Kavye likes to replicate the eyelid colour on the lower lash line while creating single-color effects. This, he claims, completes the eye look while also enhancing the colour effect and defining the eyes. “I use a little NARS concealer in the colour Ginger to prime the eyes and then set it with a setting powder.” It makes applying eye makeup easier. This technique also keeps your eyeshadow in place, extends its wear time, and prevents creasing. You may also add black kajal to the waterline to change the look of a single-color look. To open up the eyes, emphasise the inner corner of the eye.

Here’s how to get Kriti Sanon’s look step by step:

1. Apply your favourite primer and moisturiser to your face. With my all-time favourite Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, I gave Kriti lovely skin.
2. I just used a Benefit Cosmetics pencil in shade 3.5 to fill in the brows as needed.
3. I used NARS liquid blush for a dewy appearance. Liquid blushes give your cheeks a delicate natural flush.
4. For these looks, I like to use the same colour on the eyelids and lower lash line. I used Morphe eyeshadow for this look.I chose with a darker colour after priming the eyes and diluted the edges so it didn’t seem sharp and 5. 5. Stayed within the crease. To soften the effect, I applied a shimmer hue to tone down the heavier colour.
6. After that, I used a Morphe kajal and smeared it with the same colour to make it look balanced and match the top eyelid.
7. To open the eyes, I applied Dior mascara on the lashes.
8. Finally, I used the MAC lip pencil in Soar to complete the look.