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Miss Shampoo OTT Release date: Everything about this Mandarin rom-com drama you need to know

Miss Shampoo OTT Release date: It has been announced that Netflix will begin streaming this adorable romantic comedy-drama on December 28, 2023.

New Delhi: Taiwanese hitmaker Giddens Ko, who is a multitalented individual, has adapted his own book, Precisely Out of Control, which was published in 2010, into the giddily self-satisfied romantic comedy series Miss Shampoo.

In a drama that is overflowing with young enthusiasm, a snappy soundtrack, and a pair of star-crossed lovers that spectators can cheer for, Vivian Sung plays the role of a trainee hairdresser who falls in love with Daniel Hong’s shy mobster.

It has been announced that Netflix will begin streaming this adorable romantic comedy-drama on December 28, 2023, and the premiere rights have been all set.


Fen, an apprentice, works tirelessly in an alley hair shop to achieve his goal of becoming a full-fledged hairdresser. A wounded gang leader named Tai hides out in the salon on a rainy night as he tries to evade his opponent. Tai gets away thanks to Fen’s assistance.

Tai takes his subordinates to the salon to have their hair done and pursues Fen passionately because he is fascinated with her and wants to reciprocate her compassion. Amid Fen and Tai’s romantic blossoming, Tai’s adversary unexpectedly appears and challenges Tai to a duel. The plot thickens as they attempt to separate the knots of their problems and expose a traitor among them.

When and Where to Watch?

The gangster romantic comedy-drama that Ko Giddens worked on is scheduled to be aired on Netflix on December 28th, 2023.

Other Info

A significant portion of Ko Giddens’s clever plotting, in all its brilliant crime-infused convolutions, and, nicely done by a consistent romance and sense of humour that would cause even the most of the young viewers to blush.

This time around, Vivian Sung portrays Fen, a hair salon apprentice, whose pathological passion for baseball is at odds with her normally calm demeanour. This is the second time that Vivian Sung has worked with Ko after starring in his supernatural romance Till We Meet Again in 2021.

The plots of Ko’s tales are usually very deep, and they are always filled with a series of strange oddballs and murderers. These stories are certain to drive the audience absolutely insane.