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Ranam Aram Thavarel OTT Release Date: Watch Vaibhav Reddy’s Tamil mystery thriller online on This digital platform  

Released on the big screen in Feb 2024, Ranam Aram Thavaral received a decent response from moviegoers and critics.

New Delhi: Sherief’s directorial venture Ranam Aram Thavarel, starring Vaibhav Reddy & Nandita Sweta, is now available on OTT to enthrill the fans from their homes’ comfort.

The Tamil mystery thriller made its digital debut today on 19 April on Amazon Prime Video where it is accessible for streaming with a basic subscription to the platform’s service.

Ranam Aram Thavarel at the Box Office 

Released on the big screen in Feb 2024, Ranam Aram Thavaral received a decent response from moviegoers and critics alike.

While some hailed the mystery entertainer for its captivating screenplay & engaging storyline, others lauded the top-notch dialogue delivery & acting by the film’s cast.

As a result of rave reviews & positive word of mouth in the public, the Tanya Hope starrer movie made a decent collection at the Box Office before ending its theatrical run on a high note.

Ranam Aram Thavarel Plot

Helmed by debutant director Sherief, Ranam Aram Thavarel sees Viabhav as a maestro sketch artist who works with the cops to identify deceased persons whose corpses have been deliberately defaced by their killers.

One fine day, the police department shakes to its core when they find 3 boxes containing chopped-off human body parts, that too in 3 separate cities.

Vaibhav then joins forces with the cops and assists them in finding the main culprits behind the gruesome murderer.

However, the case becomes even more twisted when they all learn that the body parts found in the cardboard boxes are not just of a single dead person but belong to three people brutally murdered by the unidentified criminal.

Who is behind these horrifying murders? And What made him massacre these three unfortunate victims? the film tells the answer to such questions.

More on Ranam Aram Thavarel

Ranam Aram Thavarel’s steller cast sees Vaibhav Reddy, Nandita Sweta, and Tanya Hope in key roles. Besides the trio, the film also features Saras Menon, Suresh Chakravarthy, and Praniti in other supporting roles.

Coming to its production, Madhu Nagarajanbacked back the movie which was released and distributed under Mithun Mithra Productions and Shakthi Film Factory respectively.