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‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ First Episode Review: Jennifer Walters shares origin story in entertaining start

If you know about the origin story of the She-Hulk in comics and you have seen the trailer, you know what is in there already. 




New Delhi: Marvel Studios released the first episode of ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’, which was the origin story of the new superhero. The show promises to be one filled with a lot of adventure and a bit of poor CGI. The web series features Tatiana Maslany entering the shoes of Mark Ruffalo, who played Bruce Banner aka Hulk.

The first episode starts off well with Jennifer Walters practising her closing statement for a case. The makers played smart as Jennifer, by breaking the fourth wall, addresses that people are interested in the protagonist’s life as a Hulk rather than a lawyer. The first episode is pretty much what we saw in the trailer itself. If you know about the origin story of the She-Hulk in comics and you have seen the trailer, you know what is in there already.

Jennifer is shown training with her cousin Bruce Banner to become a Hulk and control the superpowers she has. She proves to be a better and quick learner in many aspects of being Hulk. A lot of cousin arguments and comedy were poured in as expected.

The episode was just an introduction to the new character and it also introduced an important question, which, if dealt with correctly, can drive the show in the right direction. It poses the question that does people with such superpowers have a choice of becoming a superhero or do they just have to be one without their will? A similar theme was also explored in the show ‘Daredevil’, talking of which, the character will also be there in the later episodes of the show.

Bruce is shown sharing stories of him and Tony Stark working on their projects and drinking together. Marvel fans might love some unheard stories about Stark and Steve Rogers. Overall, it will be an entertaining show dealing with important superhero themes. There is still a doubt on how Marvel will execute the show as not much was offered in the first episode. Also, do not exit the app too early, there is a mid-credit scene in the first episode itself.

The series is created by Jessica Gao, who is also the head writer of the show. Other actors featuring in the show include Jameel Jamila as Titania, Josh Segarra and Ginger Gonzaga. ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ is streaming on Disney+Hotstar and just like other Marvel shows, it will release a single episode every week.

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