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SRK’s ‘Jawan’ screens at 11,000ft in Leh at The Himalayan Film Festival

Despite its month-long run and worldwide collection of over Rs 1000 crore, Jawan continued to charm the audience in Leh.





New Delhi: There are no existing stadiums within Leh city, but on Saturday, something extraordinary happened – the Sindhu Sanskriti Kendra transformed into a magnificent stadium-like atmosphere. The reason behind this transformation was the screening of superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie, Jawan. This unique event turned into an unforgettable film festival experience, where the enthusiastic audience couldn’t contain their excitement. They hooted, cheered, whistled, and at one point, even found themselves grooving to the captivating beats of the film.

Jawan Screening at THFF in Leh

This special screening of Jawan took place as a part of the ongoing second edition of The Himalayan Film Festival in Leh. What made this screening even more remarkable was its location at an astonishing altitude of 11,500 ft. Despite the biting cold weather, the 380-seater auditorium at the venue was filled to over 80% capacity. The eager audience patiently waited in queues, eager to immerse themselves in this blockbuster movie amidst the chilly mountain air.

Jawan created quite a stir among the enthusiastic Ladakhi audience, who thronged to the venue in large numbers to witness this cinematic marvel. The screening of the film, organized in collaboration with the mobile theatre company PictureTime, transformed an auditorium into a grand cinema hall with an enormous screen. This captivating setup attracted the largest audience turnout of the entire festival on its second day.

The Himalayan Film Festival commenced on Friday with the screening of Stenzin Tankong’s poignant masterpiece, Last Days of Summer. The festival’s opening day set a powerful tone, followed by an electrifying addition to the lineup: Kareena Kapoor’s gripping Netflix thriller, Jaane Jaan.

These impressive film selections, coupled with the astounding response received by Jawan, exemplify the festival’s commitment to showcasing a diverse range of films that captivate and engage audiences. The Himalayan Film Festival continues to deliver an immersive and unforgettable cinematic experience, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the next thrilling screening.

Atlee’s heartfelt message

The incredibly anticipated screening of Jawan at The Himalayan Film Festival in Leh started on a high note, with a heartwarming message from none other than the talented filmmaker Atlee. The festival attendees were treated to a very special recording wherein Atlee expressed his gratitude towards the audience for their presence and support. He described Jawan as a movie that encapsulates the pure essence of Indian emotions.

Atlee took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt appreciation to the enchanting cast and crew of the film, including the legendary Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Nayanthara. He acknowledged their dedication and hard work, emphasizing that every individual involved had poured their heart and soul into creating a truly remarkable cinematic experience. With enthusiasm, Atlee urged the audience to eagerly watch the movie and share their valuable feedback with the entire team.

Despite its month-long run and worldwide collection of over Rs 1000 crore, Jawan continued to charm the audience in Leh. Some viewers even watched the movie multiple times.

The captivating moments in the film, including Shah Rukh Khan’s entry, action sequences, and memorable dialogues, resonated with the audience, including children. The song ‘Zinda Banda’ prompted a few people to groove in their seats, evoking a sense of joy and creating an electrifying atmosphere similar to fans dancing in other parts of the country.