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The Blue Angels OTT Release Date: Watch these newest class Navy and Marine Corps flight squadron in this gripping documentary

The Blue Angels OTT Release Date: The documentary will now be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide beginning May 23, 2024.

New Delhi: The Blue Angels, the newest project from Glen Powell and Amazon MGM Studios, is an enthralling aviation documentary. The documentary provides an inside venture into the missions of the world-famous Navy-Marine Corps Flight Demonstration Squadron and was produced by J.J. Abrams and Glen Powell. It was directed by Paul Crowder.

In this unique and fascinating documentary, we see the whole process of becoming a Blue Angel, from the intense trials to the exhausting eight-month performance season.

On May 23, this documentary will be available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video.


The documentary explores the Blue Angels’ intense training and selection procedure, which leads up to their spectacular aerial shows across the country. As the squadron trains for their gruelling show season, viewers will see the exclusive video that highlights their camaraderie and commitment.

Among the world’s most renowned aerobatic teams, the Blue Angels have been around since 1946 and are known for their impeccable accuracy and talent. In their 78th year, they are bringing an unprecedented level of excitement to audiences all around the globe.

In Blue Angels, we get breathtaking aerial images that highlight the pilots’ accuracy and talent. A glimpse of the stunning video is seen in the trailer, which includes sequences when the Angels’ Super Hornets do daring acrobatics with just feet of space between them. Based on the summary, viewers will get an up-close look at the precise flying of the Blue Angels, which will showcase the team’s enthusiasm and commitment to the sport.

When and Where to Watch?

On May 17, 2023, The Blue Angels had already made their IMAX debut. The documentary will now be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide beginning May 23, 2024.

Cast and Crew

Featuring real officers of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the documentary by Amazon MGM Studios delves into their training and readiness. The featured pilots include many individuals, including commanding officer Alexander P. Armatas, lieutenant commanders Amanda Lee, Griffin Stangel, and more.

The Blue Angels, produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Paul Crowder, provides a rare look inside the lives of these top pilots. An exciting cinematic experience is promised by this documentary, which boasts an amazing list of creators, including Glen Powell.