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The Mire Millennium OTT Release Date: When and where to watch this Polish crime-thriller series on digital platform

The Mire Millennium OTT Release Date: Beginning on February 28, 2024, Netflix will begin streaming episodes of The Mire Millennium.

New Delhi: The Mire is a crime thriller television series from Poland. The Mire Millennium marks the beginning of the third and final instalment in the series.

Seasons one and two of the Polish series from 2018 were titled The Mire and The Mire ’97, respectively, and they followed regulars and newcomers with distinct stories. Seasons one and two were set in the 1980s and 1997, respectively; season three will take place in the 1960s.

Fans’ anticipation for The Mire Millennium was piqued when the trailer was unveiled. Despite its short running time, this Polish drama packs a lot of dramatic tension and beautiful, gloomy, and terrifying sequences.


The trailer begins with Officer Anna Jass, who is still badass despite her injury, attempting to recollect her memories while clinging tenaciously to her humour. Another death has been discovered in Gronty woodland, this time wearing a strange necklace that has ties to the main protagonists.

The disappearance and possible death of Wanda Warzycki, daughter of Piotr Warzycki, has cast a shadow over the town. After that, Piotr is asked about her possible lover, a subject about whom he knows nothing.

Witold Wanycz, the seasoned and now-retired journalist, is deservedly the centre of attention in the trailer. While contemporary monsters get their fuel from their nefarious past actions, the past returns to devour the present. In their separate missions to restore harmony to the unstable, corrupt town filled with both long-term inhabitants and suspicious newcomers, Witold, Anna, and Piotr uncover secrets and recover corpses.

Season 3, the last, is planned to conclude the stories of several people as they age through the years and decades, in addition to the central narrative involving the corrupt town in the southwest near Gronty forest. Buried in the woods and their swampy depths are secrets both dark and dreadful.

When and Where to Watch?

Beginning on February 28, 2024, Netflix will begin streaming episodes of The Mire Millennium.


Along with leads Andrzej Seweryn and Dawid Ogrodnik, the series will include many notable stars, including Magdalena Rozczka, Lukasz Simlat, Janusz Gajos, and Tomasz Schuchardt.

Filip Pławiak, Konrad Eleryk, Tomasz Schuchardt, Michalina Łabacz, Wojciech Kalarus, Maria Kania, Tomasz Sapryk, and Antoni Saʼnaj will be joining the cast as new members.