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Viral Video: Lady Constable suspended for kissing & hugging Ya Ali singer Zubeen Garg during live performance in Assam, netizens react

During the musical event, Garg was approached by a lady constable who climbed up the stage, touched his feet & gave him a tight hug.

New Delhi: Popular singer Zubeen Garg, who is celebrated for singing the iconic Bollywood movie Gangester’s timeless track Ya Ali, recently faced an extremely awkward situation at a music concert held in Assam’s Dibrugarh on May 10, 2024.

During the music event, hosted by Juba Eikya Mancha, Garg was approached by a lady constable Miliparabha Chutia who climbed up the stage, touched his feet & gave him a tight hug.

The home guard not only stopped there but also grabbed Zubeen by the face before landing several kisses on the music icon’s cheeks. Amidst all this, the singer tried to stay polite in the entire situation & maintained his calm all the while.

A video of the entire incident was recorded on camera and is now doing rounds all over the social media

Lady Police hugs Zubeen Garg Mid-Concert 

Meanwhile, taking strict action against Miliparabha Chutia for her objectionable conduct in the concert, Assam police suspended her & confirmed the same with an official statement.

Commenting on the matter, a police official letter spoke with local media house Gplus & said, “We concluded that Chutia’s behavior in the concert was not appropriate and have suspended her for the same.”

Netizens React

In the comment section of the viral video’s comment box, netizens are also slamming the policewoman for her inappropriate gestures toward Zubeen, claiming that she has disrespected her police uniform with such behavior.

While some are accusing Chutia of harassing the singer, others are blaming her for ignoring the police protocols for the sake of a fangirl moment.”It’s gotta be the uniform. That nailed her. And protocol”, wrote an X user.

“You can not even defend the bar owners putting petrol to your own cop but become very active to suspend to a cop who could not hold emotions seeing her favorite singer” penned another. A third added, “When u choose a certain profession u must have control over your emotions.”

Here are some more reactions