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Viral Video: Nandamuri Balakrishna roughly pushes away Gangs Of Godavari actress Anjali during the film’s pre-release event, Netizens say, “So humiliating…”

Despite losing her balance due to Balakrishna’s pushing, the 37-year-old regained control of her body and stopped herself from falling.

New Delhi: Renowned Telugu actor-politician Nandamuri Balakrishna recently graced the pre-release event of Krishna Chaitanya’s action drama Gangs of Godavari as chief guest.

However, during the promotional event, the 64-year-old ended up doing something seriously inappropriate with the film’s lead actress Anjali & got brutally slammed on the internet for the same. Watch the video:

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s indecent behavior with Anjai


At the event, as Nandamuri walked up to the stage to deliver a speech, Anjali, along with Neha Shetty, stood beside him and started posing for the camera. Amid this, Balakrishna told her something but the loud crowd prevented the diva from acknowledging the same.

This caused significant frustration to the veteran actor and he expressed the same by hardly pushing the actress away, causing her to take a few steps back in complete shock and confusion. The people present at the event also reacted to the incident by hooting and cheering loudly.

Meanwhile, despite losing her balance due to Balakrishna’s pushing, the 37-year-old regained control of her body and stopped herself from falling away. She then laughed off the incident and proceeded to pose for the shutterbugs without making any fuss about it.

Nevertheless, unlike Anjali, Neha, who witnessed the entire thing unfolding in front of her eyes, seemed visibly uncomfortable with Nandamurari’s rude behavior toward her Gangs of Godawari co-actor.

Netizens React

Nandamuri Balakrishna

Taking to Social media, netizens also reacted to Nandamuri’s objectionable conduct with Anjali & slammed him in the viral video’s comment section.

While some called the Akhandaa actor a ‘Scucmbag’ for brutally pushing the actress, others criticized the people present at the event for normalizing such behavior by cheering and laughing at it.

One user wrote, “He is a shame for South Indian Cinema. He never respects women. Such an arrogant character.” Another said, “She( Anjali) is not a junior artist but a senior actress of almost 22 years in the industry. He must respect her.” A third one penned, “Typical Indian male trying to show masculinity by battering a woman.”

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