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Who was Angry Rantman? All About YouTuber Abhradeep Saha & his tragic demise 

Abharadeep Saha was an acclaimed content creator who enjoyed a massive following amongst the youth across the country.

New Delhi: Leaving the internet community sorrowed, renowned YouTuber Abhradeep Saha Aka Angry Rantman died at the age of 27 on 17th April 2024.

While countless speculations about his tragic demise were already circulating all over the internet, an official confirmation about the same was only made through an official statement dropped on his YouTube channel’s community page.

The post confirmed that the youthful icon has bid farewell to this world and breathed his last on Wednesday morning around t 10:18 hrs IST.

What led to Angry Rantman’s untimely demise?

Angry Rantman

According to the ongoing buzz on platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter, Abhradeep passed away due to multiple organ failures on Tuesday.

Last month, the acclaimed influencer allegedly underwent heart valve replacement surgery following which, his health condition started deteriorating rapidly.

Updating everyone about the same, Saha’s father, about 11 days ago, took to his official YouTube community page & wrote, “It was major surgery, Still in the ICU recovery will be long Let’s hope for the best till then no uploads.”

As his health worsened even further, another community post informing fans about his critical condition was shared through his YT channel on Sunday. “He is in a really critical situation with a life-saving support System, Pray for a Faster Recovery.” the post read.

However, despite receiving intensive medical care & prayers from the fans, Abhradeep eventually lost the battle for life and breathed his last in at Bengaluru’s Narayan Cardiac Centre yesterday.

Who was Angry Rantman Aka Abhradeep Saha?


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Born in Kolkata on 19 Feb 1996, Abharadeep Saha was an acclaimed content creator who enjoyed a massive following amongst the youth across the country.

While Saha was popular on numerous social media platforms, the majority of his fame came from his popular YouTube channel Angry Rantman where he had the support of a staggering 482K subscribers.

Abhradeep’s Glory on Youtube

On his YouTube channel, Abhradeep often used to entertain his fans by uploading captivating content that mostly circled Football, cricket & movies.

Even in his last video, uploaded on March 8, 2024, the young guy can be seen reviewing Ajay Devgan’s latest blockbuster Shaitan, lauding the film while speaking in his typical energetic manner.

Thanks to his unique way of ranting combined with the ability to make spot-on blunt & humorous remarks on any given topic, thousands of young individuals became dedicated admirers of the Youtuber over time & this earned him a massive loyal fan base in the digital realm.

Nevertheless, with Abhradeep no longer among us, his well-wishers have now sunken in a deep state of shock and are struggling to cope with the tragic loss.