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Why did Richa Chadha say that “Hindi cinema stars’ noses are up in the air”?

Richa discusses how the Hindi film business is battling the current south Indian film craze in theatres.

New Delhi: Richa Chadha is known for choosing unusual projects and people. She joined the OTT bandwagon with Inside Edge in 2017, long before the country experienced a digital boom, and she’s already dabbling in podcasting. The actor, whose most recent Audible production is Baby Doll, feels the platform is a “wonderful way to express stories.”

“The audio medium gives you the freedom to explore certain things that would be impossible otherwise, maybe because of censorship or scale of production. This is going to be here, much like the radio plays,” Richa Chadha added.

Richa portrays a sex worker seeking vengeance for her friend’s death at the hands of an underworld don, played by Jaideep Ahlawat. Around the time of Gangs of Wasseypur, director-writer Pravesh Bhardwaj sought to work with Richa, but it didn’t work out. “I suppose I was already in his presence at the moment. So, when he wrote anything new, he came back.,” Richa explained.

Was it tough to develop the character just through her voice, given that a podcast is an audio medium? Richa mentioned that her training in theatre assisted her with voice modulation.”It’s difficult, but it’s also satisfying because you can achieve results that you couldn’t do in a cinema. as if I was actually trying to make my voice sound fatigued, creepy, or grainier.”

Gangs of Wasseypur starred Richa and Jaideep in 2012. She expressed genuine friendship with her FTII co-star. The fact that one must maintain their visual imagination alive in order to generate a visual was praised.

Richa discusses how the Hindi film business is battling the current south Indian film craze in theatres. Refutes the notion that repeating her personality limits her performance. If Indian cinema is to thrive, larger stakeholders must shoulder the burden.

Richa Sharma believes that celebrities should quit marketing their stuff and be less greedy. She doesn’t believe in sharing her fitness journey because everyone is unique. Richa said of Kareena Kapoor’s’size zero’ fame, “There is no one size that fits all.”