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10-year-old Bihar girl hopping 1km to school goes viral; social media users share their praise

Only 8% utilise a family-owned two-wheeler and 3% have their own four-wheeler to get to and from school.

New Delhi: It’s rare to come across someone with an unwavering spirit and unwavering courage, especially in the face of adversity. However, in Bihar’s Jamui town, where a young girl is being praised by hundreds of people on the internet, this is not the case.

Heartbreaking, but brave:

Seema, a 10-year-old girl with special needs, has a narrative that is both painful and courageous. Seema is from Fatehpur hamlet in the Jamui district of Bihar, and she walks one kilometre to school every day with one leg. In the viral video, we can see her unwavering will to learn despite the difficulties.

The girl in the video is wearing her school uniform and walking one kilometre on one leg to get to her school.

Watch the video below:

According to accounts, Seema lost one of her legs two years ago in a car accident. Nonetheless, she continued to study despite the fact that she walked 1 km to school every day.

The Fatehpur Middle School class IV student, who aspires to be a teacher, not only focuses on her own studies but also teaches and encourages other girls in her town to pursue higher education.

Sonu Sood offers support:

Sonu Sood, an actor and philanthropist, spotted the video after it went viral on the internet. The Bollywood star was inspired by her courage and determination and offered to assist her.

“Now you will go to school not by jumping on one leg but two,” Sonu Sood posted on Twitter. “Sending you the ticket, now is the time to walk on two legs,” he added in Hindi. Netizens applauded the actor’s positive action, and they showered love on the little girl as well.

More support is coming:

Seema was also visited by the district magistrate of Jamui, who presented her with a tricycle and informed her that she would receive an artificial limb.

Netizens applaud her bravery:

Seema brave girl from Bihar hops 1km to school on one leg. Govt must wake up &issue directives to provide all facilities to all such kids.

However, according to the National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2021 report from the Ministry of Education’s Department of School Education and Literacy, just 9% of children in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10 receive school-provided transportation.

A similar number of students take public transportation to school. Only 8% utilise a family-owned two-wheeler and 3% have their own four-wheeler to get to and from school. Every day, about 48% of pupils walk to school and 18% ride bicycles.