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Anjan Das murdered, his body chopped in 10 pieces, stored in fridge: All you need to know about Delhi’s Pandav Nagar shocker

Pandav Nagar murder: A woman and her son were arrested by Crime Branch in Delhi’s Pandav Nagar for murdering her husband.

Neha Singh




New Delhi: Another Shraddha Walkar-like murder case has been cracked in Delhi’s Pandav Nagar where a man was given sleeping pills and then murdered by his wife and son and then chopped his body parts into 22 pieces and stored the body parts in a fridge before dumping it in a nearby ground.

Yadav, Special CP Crime said the deceased wife Poonam, and son Deepak dumped the body pieces in isolated areas like behind the Ramlila Maidan, and New Ashok Nagar drain.

He also said that they buried the skull of Anjan Das.

The deceased was missing for the last 5-6 months & no missing complaint was filed by the family members.

The missing cases came to light after Police investigated the CCTV footage where they found the wife Poonam & son Deepak, following which they were questioned and confessed that they murdered him.

Amit Goel, DCP Crime said a case was filed after some body parts were recovered in Ramlila maidan, East district on June 5. In the next three days two legs, two thighs, a skull & a forearm were recovered.

All you need to know about Delhi’s Pandav Nagar shocker:

The deceased was identified as Anjan Das.

His wife Poonam and son Deepak killed him as they suspected him of having affair with another woman.

The accused wife, Poonam said, she killed him because Anjan had ill intentions toward her children.

The situation in Anjan’s family worsened after his son Deepak got married, the deceased had ill intentions toward his wife.

Anjan Das was not earning anything and used to take all their earnings which concerned them.

Amit Goel, DCP Crime said the mother-son made deceased Anjan drink liquor and mixed sleeping pills in it on May 30.

The woman and her son slit Anjan’s throat and left the body to drain out completely.

Then they chopped off the body in 10 pieces, out of which 6 pieces were recovered.

Anjan Das married Poonam in 2017 after her husband Kallu died in 2016. Deepak was Kallu’s son.

Anjan Das was also married in Bihar too, he had 8 children there.