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WATCH: Bengaluru man drags man on bonnet of car for 3-4 kms after a ‘fight’

Shifa Dutt



Bengaluru hit and drag

New Delhi: In a rash driving incident in Bengaluru, a man hit a man and then carried him for almost a kilometer on her bonnet while people followed her car attempting to stop her trying to save the man. The incident took place in Jnana Bharathi Nagar on Ullala main road in the city where two cars met with an accident and a video has gone viral of the driver carrying a man dangling on the bonnet screaming. Taking place on a busy road with many cars coming in from opposite sides the driver tried to escape the hit and therefore chose to not stop putting this man at immense risk.

The police on this incident said that an FIR has been filed against the driver, Priyanka under IPC Section 307 for carrying the man, Darshan who was the driver of the other car on the bonnet of her car. A counter-FIR was also filed against Darshan, Yashwant, Sujan and Vinay under Section 354. Reports further mention that Priyanka was driving a Tata Nixon that met with an accident with Darshan’s Swift. Following this the two drivers had an altercation and Priyanka was still in her car while Darshan got down from his. She allegedly hit Darshan and then kept on driving for more than a kilometer with him dangling from his bonnet.

This is the second of such abrupt incidents in the city this week. In the previous one, a 71-year-old man was reportedly dragged by a scooter after his car hit the vehicle from behind. After the man exited to question the scooter driver, the driver tried to flee the scene to which the 71-year old grabbed the vehicle and then was dragged for almost a kilometer on Magadi Road in the city.