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Chandigarh University MMS Video leak: Protest ends after students’ demands heeded

Chandigarh University MMS Video leak: Here is all the latest development in the case.

Neha Singh



Chandigarh University MMS Video leak

New Delhi: For the second day in a row, huge numbers of students were seen protesting inside the Chandigarh University in Mohali swell, as they continue to protest over the alleged ‘leaked objectional videos’ row late into the night on Sunday.

But the protest ended after the students were assured that strict action will be taken against the accused.

The protesting students had three demands that have been heeded-

1.  The students committee (of 10 members) will be given the updates about the development in the case.

2. The warden of the hostel-where the incident took place must be suspended

3. Checking of the girls’ hostel would be done.

Also, the students have been assured that their mobile phones of the students would be replaced  which was broken during the demonstrations. Also the doors in the girls hostel washrooms would be replaced.

All that have happened in the MMS Video leak case:

What police officials said

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) GS Bhullar spoke to the protesting students late on Sunday night and tried to pacify them saying “implicit faith is necessary” and “law is being followed”.

“The issue has been of communication gap. We have been clarifying again and again. We are assuring students that law is being followed and all legal procedures are being undertaken,” DIG Bhullar said.

The Mohali Deputy Commissioner (DC) Amit Talwar also said that no case of suicide have been reported.

Who have been arrested in this case?

Following the protest on Saturday night, one person was arrested on Sunday while another was detained in connection with the alleged leaked objectionable videos of Chandigarh University students.

The arrested accused has been identified as Sunny Mehta, he belongs to a local village under the Rohru Sub division of Shimla district, nearly 130 km away from the northern town.

On the other hand, the detained person has been identified as 31-year-old Rankaj Verma.

What happened on Saturday

On Saturday (September 17) a massive protests were held by Chandigarh University students in Mohali after the alleged ‘leaked objectionable videos’ of women students went viral on social media.

The protesting students of the university had alleged that a girl student made videos of girl students while taking a bath in the hostel. The video was later made viral on social media. The protesting students also claimed that after the videos had gone viral on social media, the girl students living in the hostel attempted suicide.

Earlier, it was claimed that videos of around 60 girl students were allegedly shared by the girl accused with her boy friend in Himachal Pradesh. However, the police and the university later made it clear that the accused had shared only her video with her friend.