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Day-3 of UP International Trade Show spotlights innovation, startups, entrepreneurship & time management

Dr. Pawan Aggarwal, the Managing Director of Mumbai Dabbawala, delivered an insightful talk in which he shared his personal journey and provided valuable insights into these critical business components.





Lucknow: On the third day of the inaugural International Trade Show being held at the India Expo Center and Mart in Greater Noida, several sessions were conducted with the goal of offering a worldwide platform for Uttar Pradesh’s products. These sessions emphasized the significance of innovation in establishing industries within the state, explored the potential of startups, and instilled in the youth the entrepreneurial spirit while underscoring the importance of effective time management in the industry.

While experts from various sectors gave success mantras to the investors, they also gave information about the opportunities being provided by the Yogi government. Additionally, the Managing Director of Mumbai Dabbawala emphasized the critical role of logistics, supply chain management, and time management in business.

This international trade show is not only offering local exhibitors a global platform but also providing global buyers with an opportunity to engage with Uttar Pradesh.

Special importance is being given to innovation in UP

The inaugural session on the third day of the International Trade Show revolved around “Innovations.” This engaging session, conducted from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., delved into the topic of fostering an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship in Uttar Pradesh.

Distinguished experts from Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) graced the session with their presence. Maheep Singh, Head of the Innovation Hub, Ritesh Saxena, Innovation Hub Manager, and Vandana Sharma provided valuable insights into how innovation can enhance the industrial landscape of Uttar Pradesh. They elaborated on critical aspects, including the Innovation Hub, the Startup Policy-2020 in Uttar Pradesh and funding mechanisms.

Maheep Singh, the Head of AKTU’s Innovation Hub, emphasized the growing prominence of Uttar Pradesh as a major industrial hub, highlighting that investors’ keen interest in this unique trade fair is a testament to the state’s emphasis on innovation. He underscored that fostering innovation is crucial to attracting investments, adding that a comprehensive ecosystem is being nurtured within the state in this regard.

‘Academia-Industry Partnership’ is the need of the hour

The second session, held from 12:30 to 1:30 pm during the International Trade Show, focused on “Academia Industry Partnership.” The first topic in this was Youth-Entrepreneurship and Industry Connect- Need of the Hour. The second topic was Academia Collaboration – Strengthening Innovation Ecosystem and the third topic was Academia Industry Partnership – Importance of Amritkal.

In this session, experts from Sharda, Shiv Nadar and Amity University of Gautam Buddha Nagar participated. The session featured a detailed discussion on the importance and possibilities of higher education in the state.

Emphasising the importance of ‘Academia-Industry Partnership’, Dr. Amit Sehgal of Sharda University said that the partnership between these two distinct identities, ensures that students, upon graduating from colleges and universities, seamlessly transition into the industrial landscape without encountering significant challenges.

Logistics, supply chain and time management are necessary

The third session, conducted from 2:30 to 4 pm during the International Trade Show, featured a motivational program centered on the crucial aspects of logistics, supply chain management, and time management. Dr. Pawan Aggarwal, the Managing Director of Mumbai Dabbawala, delivered an insightful talk in which he shared his personal journey and provided valuable insights into these critical business components.

Dr. Aggarwal emphasized the paramount importance of logistics, supply chain management and time management in business operations. He elaborated on how these factors play a pivotal role in delivering high-quality services to customers. If an industry is lagging behind in supply chain and time management, then its growth will also be equally lagging behind. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, strengthening these aspects is essential to ensure that an organization can reach the maximum number of people within a specified timeframe.