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Did crocodile swallow the boy? Here is what happened to the villagers’ attempts to ‘recover the child’

Neha Singh




New Delhi: A day after we reported to you about villagers capturing a crocodile in Madhya Pradesh to recover a young boy’s body from its stomach and tied its legs and mouth restrained.

The villagers believed that reptile had swallowed the child, tried recovering his body from its stomach.

The villagers insisted that the seven-year-old, Antar Singh was attacked and swollen by the crocodile while bathing in Chambal River with his friends in Sheopur on Monday.

Villagers believed that the boy was alive inside the reptile’s stomach. Also, after capturing the reptile, the villagers even called out his name, thinking that the boy would answer from there.

Soon after Forest and police officials arrived at the spot tried explaining the villagers that this is not.

The incident took place when the victim, Antar Singh was bathing when the crocodile attacked him and tried to take him away by pulling him in its jaws.

Hearing the frantic calls for help, the villagers had gathered and captured the reptile using nets.

The villagers had also placed a stick between its jaws to prevent it from chewing the boy.


What happened next?

It took the forest officials a few hours to convince the villagers to set the reptile free as they wanted to recover the boy from reptiles stomach.

Later, the villagers agreed to free the reptile and later it was released away from the human habitation.

Where was the body found?

The boy’s body was discovered in the river next morning and was taken for last rites.