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Is Aftab Poonawalla Parsi or Muslim? Here’s the truth about Shraddha’s murderer 

A few people on Twitter said Aftab is not a Muslim but comes from the Parsi religion.

New Delhi: There has been debate on the internet over the religion of Aftab Amin Poonavala, the murderer of Shraddha Walker. A few people on Twitter said Aftab is not a Muslim but comes from the Parsi religion. However, we are going to tell you the truth about whether Aftab Amin Poonavala is Muslim. For this, we will check the comments on Aftab’s social media accounts where he himself accepted to be a Muslim.

Notably, Aftab is accused of killing her 26-year-old living partner Shraddha Walkar. Later, he cut her body parts into as many as 35 pieces to scatter at different places in Delhi.

Before we check the comments of Aftab, let’s look at the comments of people on Twitter.

”Aftab Poonavala is the name of the guy. He was a Parsi. Not that it matters but people will again paint it as a Hindu-Muslim conflict. It was an inhumane act against an innocent girl,” wrote a user namely Syed Mahmood.

Another user namely Mohammad Meraj Alam said, ”Balatkari ka samarthan karne walon suno meri baat. Tumko us ladki ke maut ka afsos nahi hai..tumko sirf Aftab naam hone se problem hai…waise wo aftab poonawala(parsi) hai.”

Aftab claims himself Muslim on Instagram

Aftab has an Instagram account namely thehungrychokro. In one of his posts, he acknowledged himself as a Muslim person.


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A post shared by @thehungrychokro

In 2014, an Instagram user namely @zloymom asked about religious affiliation of Aftab. ”Hello, my friend! Can I ask you – are you Krishna or Muslim? I have two friends from India one of them is Krishna and other one – Muslim,” the user wrote.

Muslim Aftab

To which, Aftab wrote, ”I am a Muslim and the other term you’re is Hindu. Lord Krishna is the God of Hindus. May I ask why the certain inquisitiveness about my religion???”

The user informed why he asked the question, ”Because, I want to correct say you HI – if You are Muslim I’ll say You Salam Aleykum. Otherwise, I would need to say Namaste.”