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Madhya Pradesh Exit poll results 2023: Pollsters predict return of Shivraj govt; Cong seen coming close second

CM Shivraj is confident of retaining their government in the state.

New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh, the biggest state going to Assembly Elections in 2023, kept the poll watchers captivated through the high-intensity campaign. It also remains the most anticipated state in terms of Exit polls & election results.

Pollsters have given a divided opinion on Madhya Pradesh, as many have predicted close fight between BJP & Congress while others giving a clear sweep for Shivraj government. This implies that Congress, looking to unseat BJP from power, will bite the dust.

Among the most definitive & clear verdict for return of Shivraj govt is News24-Today’s Chanakya, which has given 151 seats to BJP while 74 to Congress.

Notably, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been BJP’s one of longest-ruling Chief Ministers.

As per Axis My India Survey, BJP is all set to return to power in the state and while Kamal Nath-led Congress settling down at 68 to 90 seats. It shows the saffron party claiming victory in about 140-162 seats.

CNX also made similar prediction. It says that BJP is expected to retain their government with a landslide margin, as they are expected to win 140 to 159 seats, in comparison to Congress’ 70 to 89 seats.

This will be the BJP’s fifth tenure in Madhya Pradesh if the exit poll results convert into final results.

However, according to C Voter, Kamal Nath-led Congress is all set to make a return after a closely contested fight with BJP. Congress is expected to win 113 to 137 seats. Meanwhile, BJP is set to secure 88 to 112 seats, which makes the final wait for the last verdict even more anticipated.

Exit Polls 2023: Seat projections by various agencies

Agency INC+ BJP Oth.
C Voters 113-137 88-112 2-8
CNX 70-89 140-159 0-2
Axis My India 68-90 140-162 0-1
Today’s Chanakya 74 151 5
ETG 109-125 105-117 1-5
Matrize 97-107 118-130 0-2
Dainik Bhaskar 105-120 95-115 0-15
Polstrat 111-121 106-116 0-6

After more than 40 days of intense campaigning, all parties, particularly Congress & Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are keeping their fingers crossed for the result outcome on December 3. The big turnout of voters in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections has left the poll pundits with ‘divided’ opinions.

Some political experts are vouching for Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s return while others predict the opposite i.e. ouster of incumbent regime, on back of brisk voting in the 2023 Assembly elections.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan & Kamal Nath led the respective parties from front during high-octane campaign and presented their ambitious five-year plan before public. Today’s Exit poll numbers will give fair hint on who could convy his message to public more effectively.

Madhya Pradesh turned a big battleground in last one month, with central leaders from both BJP & Congress descending to the state for ‘carpet bombing’ campaign. For BJP, PM Modi, Amit Shah and UP CM Yogi Adityanath led the charge while for Congress, Rahul, Priyanka and Mallikarjun Kharge sought votes.

Though, the nation eagerly waits for December 3, the day of counting, the Exit polls this evening will give a fair understanding of how the parties are likely to fare in bitterly fought battle.

How electorate cast ballot in 2023

In Madhya Pradesh, 71.11 per cent of voters cast ballots in 230 constituencies during the Assembly elections. Approximately 5.6 crore registered voters in 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh turned out to vote in favour of 2,534 candidates. During the Friday polls, out of the 5.6 crore registered voters in the state, 2.88 crore male voters, 2.72 crore female voters, and 1292 voters from the LGBTQ+ group cast ballots.

The 2018 election results :

The 2018 state assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, saw a huge turnaround as Kamal Nath-led Indian National Congress (INC), made a comeback in the state with a clear majority, dislodging Shivraj Singh Chauhan govt.

However, within two years of its tenure, INC government went out of power, when 22 of their MLAs left the party, decreasing the number of official seats from 128 to 106, and with 107 MLAs on their side BJP once again came back in power.

2018 MP