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Maharashtra: Woman arrested three months after killing her husband, daughter exposes her role in the crime

Ranjana Ramteke Kills Husband: Woman killed her husband on August 6 and informed her relatives that he suffered a heart-attack.

Neha Singh



Ranjana Ramteke husband

New Delhi: At a time when Shraddha Walkar’s horrific murder details are making headlines, a case has come to the light where a woman was arrested three months after the murder of her husband in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district.

The crime was exposed when the woman’s daughter found an audio recording in which the woman can be heard confessing her role in the death of her husband.

Till then, the death of her husband was seen due to a heart attack.

The woman has been identified as Ranjana Ramteke, she killed her husband, a retired government officer, when he was sleeping on August 6, the police said.

Shraddha Walkar

Citing the audio recording of the phone conversation, the Police said that soon after killing her husband, the woman called her lover and confessed to her role in the crime.

Quoting the woman’s conversation over the phone, Ranjana Ramteke said she suffocated him with a pillow and she will call her relatives in the morning and inform them about his death. She further said that he suffered a heart attack.

The next day after killing her husband, the woman called their relatives to inform them.

None found it suspicious nor did anyone doubt her and the following day the man was cremated.

Everything was going well for the woman for three months till her daughter, Shweta visited her.

She got to know about the crime when she borrowed her mother’s phone to make some calls, she found the audio recording where she confessed to the crime.

Then her daughter reported the matter to the police.

A Senior Police officer inspecting the matter informed that Shweta had come to the police station with the audio recording. The audio recording is of the phone call between Ranjana and her lover Mukesh Trivedi.
After listening to the whole conversation, the Police then called both Ranjana and Mukesh and confronted them with the call recording.

Following this, the duo later confessed to the crime.