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Model turned Chaiwali: Meet Simran Gupta who runs tea shop in Gorakhpur to support family

Simran said that she was inspired by MBA Chiawala and Patna graduate Chaiwali Priyanka Gupta.

New Delhi: We all have listened to a famous Hindi phrase, ”Koi kaam chota ya Bada nahi hota” (no work is big or small). Proving it right, the winner of the Miss Gorakhpur title, Simran Gupta opened a tea shop to support her family. She has named her shop ‘Model Chaiwali’. Talking about her inspiration, Simran said that she got the motivation to run a tea shop from MBA Chaiwala founder Prafull Billore.

Why left Modeling?

Simran won the title in 2018. Talking about her career in modelling, she said that she had everything on track and getting enough income. However, everything changed after Coronavirus arrived in 2020. Simran lost her work when the family needed her most.

She has a brother who is disabled. Therefore, she has to work to support her family. Initially, she did a few jobs but she decided to establish her own business as she was not getting her salary on time.

Owing to the financial crisis, she decided to sell tea by opening a shop under the banner of ‘Model Chaiwali’. She named the shop ‘MBA Chaiwala’ as she picked the name, connected to her profession.

Always gets support from family

At her shop, Simran is supported by her father. Talking about her daughter’s attempt to run a tea business, he expressed her happiness and said, ”Koi kaam chota ya Bada nahi hota.”

About her motivation source, Simran said that she is inspired by MBA Chiawala and Patna graduate Chaiwali Priyanka Gupta. ”If they can do, why cannot I do,” added Simran. She further said that she broke a barrier in society that a girl cannot sell tea.