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‘No diesel in our parathas’: says Chandigarh dhaba owner after facing the heat over Viral video, Reveals the truth

After facing massive trolling & criticism over the viral Video, Chaanni Singh, the owner of the food outlet, finally broke his silence on the matter.

New Delhi: Last week, a video of a food vendor cooking Parathas using diesel as oil was shared by food blogger Amanpreet Singh on social media.

Within no time, the clip went viral all over the internet, triggering massive outrage against the man preparing diesel parantha in his eatery.

Taking to the comment section, hundreds of netizens mercilessly blasted the restaurant owner, with some even going to the extent of demanding police action against him for playing with people’s lives by selling harmful food.

Resutrant’s Owner’s Clarification

Meanwhile, after facing massive trolling & criticism over the viral Video, Chaanni Singh, the owner of the Chandigarh-based food outlet named Chandigarh Dhaba finally broke his silence on the matter & told the truth behind the recipe of diesel Paratha.

Speaking to news agency ANI on Tuesday, Singh clarified that they don’t sell diesel paratha to people & the video posted by the food blogger was only for fun. He said, “It’s a no-brainer that nobody will eat a paratha made using diesel.”

“We obviously don’t prepare or sell it either. In fact, we only cook proper food with edible oils and serve our customers. Our restaurant also provides food for langar to the Sarbat Da Bhala Foundation in Chandigarh and we have no intention of risking people’s lives.” Channi explained further.

Notably, the Dhaba owner also claimed he was completely unaware of the viral video which only came to his knowledge a day ago.

Flood Blogger Apologises


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A post shared by Amanpreet Singh (@oyefoodiesingh)

Taking down the viral ‘diesel paratha’ clip from his Instagram handle, Amarpreet, on Tuesday, also shared an apology post with his followers.

In the post, the blogger not only said sorry to the public for his video but also added that there was no diesel in Channi’s Paratha. He said, “If anyone is hurt because of me I apologize to him with folded hands. I also ask forgiveness from the Chandigarh administration and the entire country for causing all this trouble.