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“No question of any rollback…”: NSA Ajit Doval on Agnipath Scheme (VIDEO)



ajit doval

New Delhi: National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval on Tuesday while talking about the new Agnipath scheme said that there is no question of any rollback amid the ongoing protests.

He said that after 2019, the mood & temper of the people of Kashmir has totally changed. People are no more in the favour of Pakistan, terrorism.

Sending message to the youngster he said that the youth who want to become ‘Agniveers’ should be positive and have faith in the nation, also have faith in the leadership and also in oneself.

He further said that no one cannot be at peace & war at the choice of our adversary.

“If we’ve to protect our interests, then we will decide when and with whom and on what terms we will have peace,” he said.

Ajit Doval further said that the country has a good relations with neighbours including Pakistan.

“We would like to have normal relations with Pakistan but the certainly tolerance threshold for terrorism is very low,” he said.

ajit doval


Here is all that he said about the Agnipath Scheme: