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PM Modi highlights India’s growth story, says country impatient to fulfil its dreams

Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored the country’s achievements in a short span of time and said India is impatient to fulfil its dreams.




New Delhi: In his address to the Indian diaspora in Munich on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored the country’s achievements in a short span of time and said India is impatient to fulfil its dreams.

“India is now ready, ready, impatient. India is impatient, for progress, for development. India is impatient for its dreams, for the fulfillment of its dreams,” said PM Modi. “Today’s India has come out of the mentality of ‘it happens, it runs like this’. Today India takes a pledge to have to do, have to do, and have to do on time,” said the Prime Minister.

PM Modi addressed and interacted with the Indian community in Germany at the Audi Dome, Munich. Thousands of members of the vibrant Indian community in Germany participated in the event, read the Ministry of External Affairs press release.’

He said that India has shown how well democracy is delivering in such a vast and so diverse country.

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“The way crores of Indians have achieved big goals together, is unprecedented. Today every village in India is Open Defecation Free,” said the Prime Minister.

“Today electricity has reached every village in India. Today almost every village in India is connected by road. Today more than 99 percent of people in India have a gas connection for clean cooking. Today every family in India is connected to the banking system,” added PM Modi.’

Prime Minister highlighted India’s growth story and mentioned various initiatives undertaken by the government to further achieve the country’s development agenda.

Prime Minister also lauded the contribution of the diaspora in promoting India’s success story and acting as brand ambassadors of India’s success.

“We Indians are proud of our democracy. Today, we can proudly say that India is the mother of democracy… The diversity of culture, food, clothes, music and traditions makes our democracy vibrant. India has shown that democracy can deliver and has delivered,” said PM Modi.

Speaking about the mindset of people regarding India, he said, “There was a time when people said India will take 10-15 years to vaccinate its population against COVID-19. Today, 90 per cent of adults have taken both doses and 95 per cent of adults have taken at least one dose.”

He also highlighted free treatment and free rations to 80 crore people since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today every poor person of India is getting free treatment of up to Rs 5 lakh. In this time of Corona, India is ensuring free food grains to 80 crores poor for the last two years,” said PM Modi in Munich.

Underscoring cleanliness drive, he said, “Today cleanliness is becoming a part of the lifestyle in India. The people of India, the youth of India are considering it their duty to keep the country clean. Today the people of India are confident that their money is spent honestly,” said PM Modi.

PM Modi arrived in Munich today to attend the G7 summit where he will hold meetings with G7 and partner countries and will hold discussions on issues ranging from environment, energy, to counter-terrorism.