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SpiceJet flyer ‘travels’ in loo of Bengaluru bound flight, airline crew sneaks in note; netizens amused





New Delhi: A SpiceJet flyer on Mumbai to Bengaluru flight suffered an embarrassing moment as he was ‘forced’ to cover the entire flight journey inside the loo. The airline has aplogoized to the passenger and also reportedly offered refund for his ticket but the upsetting journey and high-flying drama following it has left people in disbelief.

The passenger confined inside the plane’s loo was finally ‘rescued’ after the flight landed at Bengaluru airport. The ground staff & engineers acted promptly after flight landing and broke open the toilet door as it malfunctioned mid-air and got locked.

What happened in SpiceJet flight, mid-air

The incident reportedly happened on Monday night, when the Mumbai-Bengaluru flight took off from the airport after a delay of 2 hours. It’s scheduled departure was 10.55 PM but took off from Mumbai airport at 2.10 AM.

It all happened when a passenger sitting on seat number 14D of SpiceJet flight went to restroom, shortly after flight take-off. To his shock, he couldn’t exit the toilet as the door lock jammed, leading to the mid-air chaos.

The passenger made a desperate effort to exit while airline crew also tried to unlock it but all efforts went in vain.

The airline crew came up with an ‘idea’ to provide comfort to the distressed passenger. It passed on a hand-written note through the toilet door’s gap. It asked the passenger to ‘not panic and stayed seated on the toilet seat’ till the flight lands in Bengaluru.

How netizens poked fun at incident

A photo of the crew message landed on social media and went viral. Many netizens found the note highly amusing while others commented upon the impressive hand-writing.

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The flight landed in Bengaluru at around 3.45 AM. Soon after landing, airport engineer went inside and broke the door open.

The airline expressed regret over the incident and also issued apology to the passenger for the inconvenience.