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Uttar Pradesh Forensic Institute will be recognized not only in the country but all over the world: CM Yogi

The Chief Minister said, “It’s a matter of joy that the first batch with five courses is starting today. Along with the Home Department, the people associated with the institute have to establish it as a world class institute.”

Lucknow: It is important to understand the nature of crime today and what society demands, and thereby, we need to prepare ourselves accordingly, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday. He mentioned that the state government has established the Uttar Pradesh State Forensic Science Institute and MoUs are being signed with top forensic institutions to provide the best facilities in hem.

While interacting with the students of the first academic session 2023-2024 of the Uttar Pradesh State Forensic Science Institute at his official residence, the Chief Minister said, “It’s a matter of joy that the first batch with five courses is starting today. Along with the Home Department, the people associated with the institute have to establish it as a world class institute.”

On this occasion, the Chief Minister also got introduced to all the teachers, students, and students of the institute. He informed that new age courses will be introduced and the selection of the best faculty will be ensured at the institute.

Channelize your energy in a positive direction: Yogi

CM Yogi stated that in society, words like good governance, democracy become meaningless, if people don’t receive justice on time and justice isn’t accessible or affordable. He said that if the common people lose trust in the constitutional institutions and administrative system, such words become meaningless. He emphasized on the need to update the administration as per the needs of the time.

The Chief Minister further said, “Most cases of cybercrime have been found in Jamtara of Jharkhand and Mehwat near the national capital. Instead of channeling their energy in a positive direction, people in these areas have turned towards negativity, resulting in the adoption of new and harmful methods in this field.”

CM instructs to develop the habit of thinking two steps ahead of cybercriminals

The CM mentioned, while advocating for forensic technology, that back in 2017 when his government came into power, the rate of cybercrime was on the rise. He said: “We emphasized the need to address this issue seriously at that time, and even today, we feel the shortage of experts in this field.”

“We believe that there should not only be cyber help desks in every district and police station but also experts to support them. The same situation applies to FSL labs as well. There’s a shortage of scientists and technicians. This isn’t just a problem in Uttar Pradesh, but across the country”, he added.

The Chief Minister instructed the students to prepare themselves to cultivate the habit of thinking two steps ahead. “You need to broaden your perspective. If you have the ability to think two steps ahead of anyone challenging anti-social, anti-national, or law and order matters, then you can control it. If you’re two steps behind, it will control you”, he said.

CM Yogi emphasized on studies and research, stating that they are effective in this field. He mentioned the need for observing the nature of crimes in different districts, states, ranges, and zones. In this regard, the CM said, “We need to identify the prevailing patterns of crimes in each area and deploy individuals trained to handle those specific situations. If we approach this as a campaign, the results will be similar to what we have achieved through law and order measures.”

He mentioned that AI and machine learning courses will be introduced in this field and new age courses will be made available. He said that after the initiation of these endeavors, people will realize that these actions should have been taken a long time ago. “We should have considered these matters a decade ago, but better late than never”, he added.

Play a role in upholding the Rule of Law and Good Governance: CM

CM Yogi further motivated the students by saying that in the coming times, the civil police will have their role, but “nobody will deny the significance of your role alongside theirs. Their role would remain incomplete without you.”

He told the students that their role will be crucial in maintaining the rule of law and good governance and that they should consider themselves fortunate to begin their careers with the first batch of this institution.

CM Yogi expressed his happiness regarding the number of girls entering the institute, stating that it’s a positive message. “There are plenty of opportunities for them in this field”, he said.

During the program, the Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Sanjay Prasad; DGP Vijay Kumar; Special DG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar; Director of Uttar Pradesh State Forensic Science Institute, ADG Dr. G.K. Goswami; and DIG Rajeev Goenka, along with all the faculty members, students, and attendees from the institute were present.