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Viral Video: Couple gets extremely intimate at Delhi metro Station, Netizens say, “Chaadar Dedo…”

The clip shows the boy and the girl kissing each other passionately at a metro station in Delhi.

New Delhi: Public Display of Affection (PDA) is not something uncommon in today’s world. Especially, when it comes to Delhi, people in the city have already accepted it at its highest level of intimacy. Things like kissing and cuddling in public have become an Ordinary thing in the national capital & this recently surfacing video on the internet is a perfect example of the same.

The viral clip shows a couple shamelessly exchanging a kiss while tightly hugging each other at Delhi Metro Station.

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In the video, a couple was seen at their most profound intimacy level. The clip shows the boy and the girl kissing each other passionately at a metro station in Delhi. The duo was so much involved in making out that they didn’t care about the public. In the meantime, a bystander recorded a video of the couple and posted it on social media. The video was posted five days ago on Instagram and went viral on social media within a very short period. The date and place of the footage is still unknown.

Along with the post, the user added a caption saying, “Hawass mein pagal delhi waale (Delhiites are crazy in love)”. 

Netizens reaction

Meanwhile, Instagram users gave mixed reactions in the comment section of the post as it went viral. While some defended Delhiites, others made fun of them.

One user commented, “Oxygen Dene ka tarika thoda casual hai (The method of giving oxygen is a bit casual).” A second one said, “Mein to itna hi bolunga India government ko rokna chahiye yeh jo bhi khuleaam harkatein karte hai ladka aur ladki, Delhi mein sab se jyada yeh ho raha hai (All I can say is that the Government of India should stop whatever acts these boys and girls do openly, this is happening the most in Delhi).” 

On the other hand, a third one said, “Bhai mere, Delhi metro mein sir Delhi wale hi travel nahi karte, adhiktar delhi bahar walo s bhari pdi h, toh Delhi walo ko target karna band Karo (Brother, only Delhiites do not travel in Delhi Metro, mostly Delhi is filled with people from outside, so stop targeting Delhiites).”