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“Wanted to be India’s Elon Musk, didn’t get support”: Kashmiri Mathematician who develops solar-powered car

Kashmiri mathematician Mir Bilal developed a solar-powered luxury car without any financial assistance in 13 years.




New Delhi: Innovation is not easy for anyone if he or she does not an attitude of never giving up. Proving the phrase the right, Kashmiri mathematician Mir Bilal developed a solar-powered luxury car. It took him 13 years to develop the car.

Started the project due to rising fuel prices

Bilal who is an engineer by profession said he started the project after witnessing an increase in the fuel prices, and the carbon emission.

The mathematician said he started the project to make cars for disabled people but he could not carry forward the project due to financial issues.

After the failure, he decided to create a solar-powered luxury car in 2019. This project took 13 years to complete the car this year.

To make the car look luxurious, he planned to add gullwing doors and is also fully automatic.

”The car has got the features at par with other luxury cars while monocrystalline solar panels which are cable of generating maximum energy even in the less sunlight,” said Bilal.

”Expensive and luxurious cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, and BMW are just a dream for a common man. There are very few people who can buy them and roam in them. I thought of something to give a luxurious feel to all people,” added Bilal

Did’t get support to become India’s Elon Musk

Talking about the monetary point of the car, Bilal said he has so far spent a total of over 15 lakhs. In his innovation, he did not get any financial assistance from any sector and no one provided me with any financial assistance.

”If I would have got the necessary support, perhaps I would have been India’s Elon Musk,” said Bilal.