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What is a masked Aadhaar card? Steps to download it

Aadhaar card: Here is how you can stay alert and keep your details private.




New Delhi: A new advisory has been issued by the Centre where they have warned people to not share the photocopy of their Aadhaar card with any organisations as it can be misused.

The notification was issued on May 27 by the ministry of electronics and information technology.

It is said that organisations which have obtained a user license from the UIDAI can use Aadhaar for establishing the identity of a person.

The notification further said that Private entities like hotels, cinema halls or others are not entitled to keep Aadhaar cards copies.

What is a masked Aadhaar card? Steps to download it

If you are thinking about what is masked Aadhaar card, then this one is for you.

A masked Aadhaar card will not reveal or show the 12-digit Aadhaar number. Instead, it will the last 4 digits pf your Aadhar card will be visible.

Aadhaar card

Also, its is easy to be downloaded. Follow these steps to download a masked copy of Aadhaar card from the UIDAI website.

1. Visit the official website-

2. Kindly enter your details -like Aadhaar card number

3. From the options available, select-  ‘Do you want a masked Aadhaar’

4. Click on the  download button.

5. Your masked Aadhar card is ready with only the last four digits of the Aadhaar number.