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What is Narco Test, a ‘truth serum’ which will now be injected to Aaftab Poonawalla in Shradhha murder case?

Narco Test: Aftab Amin Poonawala will be now injected with the ‘truth serum’ in Shradhha murder case.

New Delhi:  Aaftab Amin Poonawalla, accused in the deadly Shraddha Walkar murder case will have to undergo a narco test after the psychological analysis test.

Officials investigating Shrddha’s murder case said a narco test is necessary as accused Aftab Amin Poonawala is changing his statements and not cooperating with the probe.

Aftab is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar on May 18 and chopping her body into 35 pieces and disposing of it in a jungle in the city.

After killing her, Aftab also tried to clean the crime spot with some chemicals.

But before this, we will explain to you about the narco test and what this means.

aftab arrested

What is a narco test?

While conducting a narco test,  sodium pentothal also known as ‘truth serum’ is injected into a person who undergoes the process. By injecting the serum, lowers a person’s consciousness, allowing them to speak without inhibition.

When a person goes through this test, he/she is said to be in a hypnotic state after the serum is administered. This is the period when the examiners expect the individual to speak the truth when they are questioned on a particular subject.

The narco test is conducted in the presence and guidance of a forensic expert, a psychologist, and an investigating officer.

How is the narco test performed?

Before an individual goes through a naro test, he/she has to undergo a general medical examination to check the condition of the person (For example, blood pressure, pulse rate, heartbeat, etc… ).

It’s only after this that they are injected with sodium pentothal. The dosage of the serum depends according to their age, sex, and several other medical conditions.

Accuracy of narco test?

In several cases, it has been found that the narco test’ accuracy is not 100 per cent. In many cases, the individual has made false statements after being drugged. The Naro test is also deemed an unscientific method of investigation.