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Who was Sharadha Madan and her killer boyfriend Aftab Ameen?

The accused Aftab has now been sent to five-day police custody by a Delhi court for murdering her girlfriend.

New Delhi: The murder mystery of the 27-year-old Mumbai-born girl, Sharadha Madan, sent shivers down everyone’s spines after Delhi police interrogated her boyfriend Aftab Amin Poonawalla. According to the preliminary investigation, Aftab killed her girlfriend following a fight over marriage by chopping her into as many as 35 pieces. Later, he scattered the pieces of her body parts across Delhi.

The accused Aftab has now been sent to five-day police custody by a Delhi court for murdering her girlfriend.

Shardha Madan

Further investigation is underway to find more detail about Aftab’s motive behind the heinous crime. Below here one can know who wasSharadhaMadan and her killer boyfriend Aftab Ameen Poonavala.

Who was Sharadha Madan?

Sharadha Madan, 27, was a resident of Maharashtra’s Palghar district. She worked at a call centre based in Mumbai. Madan’s father, Vikas Madan, said that her daughter met Aftab Ameen Poonawala while working at the call centre.

Vikas said that her daughter fall in love with Aftab. She wanted to marry him despite our objection. This is why she left Mumbai to live with Aftab in Delhi.

Shardha Madan and Aftab Poonawala

Who is Aftab Ameen Poonawala, boyfriend of Sharadha?

After falling in love with her boyfriend Aftab Ameen Poonawala, Sharadha Madan decided to live with him in Mumbai despite the opposition of her family. The couple eloped to Delhi due to continued objections from Madan’s family members. After arriving in the capital, the duo bought a flat in Chhatarpur.

In Delhi, Sharadha started pressuring Aftab to get married which led to frequent quarrels. It is reported that Poonawalla strangled his partner after an argument on May 18.

According to Sharadha’s father Vikas, he had no word from his daughter since May. Owing to this, he lodged an FIR for the kidnapping of his daughter on November 8 at the Mehrauli police station.

After the police started the investigation, it was found Aftab cut her into as many as 35 pieces with a sharp weapon. He also continued living in the same flat to avoid suspicion.

After cutting Sharadha into many pieces, Aftab bought a 300-litre fridge and kept the body parts for 18 days. Meanwhile, he scattered her body parts at different places in Delhi to hide his crime.