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Woman kills 86-year old Mother-In-Law in Delhi, husband finds wife entering the room in CCTV: Police

Woman kills 86-year Mother-In-Law in Delhi, husband finds wife entering the room in CCTV: Police

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a 48-year-old woman allegedly killed her mother-in-law with a frying pan in south Delhi’s Neb Sarai area.

According to Police, the woman might have hit her mother-in-law out of frustration .

The 86-year-old who was suffering from arthritis.

Police said they were informed by a man on April 28, that his friend’s mother Hasi Som was bleeding after she fell in her flat.

The accused women , identified as Sarmishta Som (48) was living with her mother-in-law along with her husband Surjit Som (51), their 16-year-old daughter.

They have been living with the woman at Swastik Residency in Neb Sarai since 2014.

The senior police officer said that the old woman was living alone in Kolkata till March 2022. Later, her son brought  her to Delhi and rented a flat for her in front of his own.


Police found a CCTV camera from the bedroom, although Police found no storage device in it but they have still taken it into possession.

The man, Surjit said that he monitors his mother’s daily routine with the help of CCTV. He also said that on the day of the incident, the camera was not working due to  power cut.

However, the family members and the neighbours did not find anything suspecious.

On April 29, the body of the old woman was taken to the AIIMS mortuary and the autopsy was conducted.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (south) Chandan Chowdhary said that it was during the post-mortem, doctors said that such injuries cannot be caused by normal fall and suggested a detailed inquriy into this.

DCP said that later the husband confessed that before calling the police, Surjit had taken out the memory card of the CCTV camera that was placed in the bedroom of the victim.

In the CCTV footage it was found that on April 28 around 10:30 am, Sarmishta was seen entering Hasi Som’s flat with a frying pan.

In the CCTV footage it was revealed that woman was seen going behind the victim in the kitchen and hit the old woman. The elderly woman’s cries can also be heard on the CCTV recording.