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Hindu Baby boy names starting with I, updated 2023

Here are some unique Hindu baby boy’s names that begin with the letter I:

New Delhi: Choosing the ideal name for your child is a chore that is undoubtedly at the top of your mind if you are expecting a baby soon or if you are a new parent, and it naturally takes a lot of time, right? Every parent wants to give their child a beautiful name that, in their minds, perfectly captures their personality.

The naming of a kid is one of the major occasions that Indians celebrate with friends and relatives. How does one choose a name for their child, then? Typically, parents decide on the letter they want their child’s name to begin with.

Among the various names that you could pick for your adorable baby is Ishaan, Indresh, Ishmit, Ishiq & more.

Sometimes it fits the initial letter of either parent’s name, and other times there is no connection—it could simply be the parent’s favourite letter or possibly a proposal from an astrologer or priest. Parents give a lot of care to the names they give their children since, in any case, our name is our identity.

Here are some unique Hindu baby boy’s names that begin with the letter I:

  1. Ibhanan
  2. Ichaa
  3. Idaspati
  4. Idhant
  5. Idhyah
  6. Ihit
  7. Ijay
  8. Ijya
  9. Ikesh
  10. Ikjeet
  11. Ikshan
  12. Ikshit
  13. Ikshu
  14. Ilakiyen
  15. Ilamaran
  16. Ilamathi
  17. Ilango
  18. Ilashpasti
  19. Ilavalagan
  20. Ilavarasan
  21. Ilayaraj
  22. Ilayaraja
  23. Ilesh
  24. Ilisa
  25. Imaran
  26. Ina
  27. Inakanta
  28. Inbanathan
  29. Indarmeet
  30. Indarpal
  31. Indarpreet
  32. Indarprem
  33. Indeevar
  34. Indeever
  35. Inder Kant
  36. Indermaan
  37. Indiran
  38. Indiresh
  39. Indivar
  40. Indra
  41. Indraarjun
  42. Indrabh
  43. Indrachap
  44. Indradatt
  45. Indradhanush
  46. Indraditya
  47. Indradutt
  48. Indradyumn
  49. Indragop
  50. Indrajeet