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Muslim Baby Girl Names starting with E

We bring to you 50 Muslim baby girl names so that you can easily pick one for your newborn princess-




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New Delhi: As beautiful as the phonetics are of the letter E, so would the name that begins with it. The letter E has some of the most feminine and elegant names under its wings. If you want to enhance the beauty of your little girl and give her a name that is not only unique but also melodious, then worry no more. We have curated the best Muslim baby girl names that begin with the letter E.

How you name your baby will have a lifelong impact on her future. It is no hidden fact that names can shape how others see you as well as how you perceive yourself. Well, we hope we have made the job easier for you.

We bring to you 50 Muslim baby girl names so that you can easily pick one for your newborn princess-

1. Edina: Ardent, Wealthy
2. Efa: Prosperity, Richness
3. Efrat: Honoured, Proud
4. Ehab: Gift
5. Ehla: Sweets
6. Ehan: Full Moon
7. Ehlala: New Moon
8. Ehsaas: Feel
9. Ehsan: Powerful
10. Ehsenat: Excellent
11. Elijah: Sweet
12. Elisha: Friend
13. Elilammal: Beautiful Girl
14. Ellora: Clouds
15. Elliyah: The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with Allah
16. Eiman: Faith
17. Eihaa: To inspire
18. Ejab: Accept
19. Eijaz: Miracle
20. Eliza: The Chosen one Elma: Apple
21. Erina: Beautiful lady
22. Eshal: The name of the flower in the heaven
23. Eshani: Goddess
24. Esita: Desired
25. Ezzah: A person who gives the honor
26. Eira: Snow
27. Elavarasi: Princess, Youthful
28. Elham: Inspiration, revelation
29. Elilammal: Beautiful Girl
30. ElilChelvi: Beautiful Girl
31. ElilKani: Sweet as a Fruit
32. ElisaiChelvi: Seven Musical Notes
33. ElisaiValli: Melodious
34. Elisha: Abbreviation Of Elisabeth
35. Eliza: Unique, precious
36. Elmedina: A variant of Almedina
37. Elzina: Oath of God
38. Emma Dil: Heart’s Wish
39. Emmarie: Truthful
40. Eness: Queen Of Beauty
41. Ersheen: God’s Beauty
42. Esah: Alive
43. Esra: Attentive
44. Eittie: Star, Bride
45. Eelam: Delicacy
46. Eila: The Earth
47. Ehsaas: Feeling
48. Ehteram: Respect
49. Esha: The night prayer
50. Ebadat: Ebadat

Words have meaning and names have power.

Happy naming!